Monthly Archives: October 2015

Spooktacular Halloween

It’s Spook’s birthday! We wish you an amazing day of Tricks and Treats. Can you hear it, Spook is singing Happy Birthday to herself and is so excited. It is her 147th birthday. Whether you are young or still 29, live it up, dress up, play games and let yourself always be adventuresome. Spook has an awesome birthday video to share and technology has her challenged. She is currently snuggled up by the fire and reviewing how to make it work. I know I heard a lot of comments about turning someone into a toad if not, so I guess that could be me or maybe not.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

A Spooktacular Witch is Born

The joys and anticipation of starting out a new project always gives me butterflies in my stomach. The feeling I get when one too many Mars bars has hit my lips and I feel I am hurled into a sugar induced coma. The sweetness of the gooey inside is how I feel being pulled and stretched into a million thoughts and ideas as they slowly start taking shape. My own Viewmaster in my head clicks each frame one by one. Click, Click, Click; the anticipation of what is truly going to be, from the shakiness of a young child trying to hold their toy still to get a good glimpse. And so A Spooktacular Witch Lives Here is born from the back of my mind. She has been hiding in there a long time waiting and anticipating when she can make her debut. So ta-da! Here she is! Her vision on what my life truly needs, more Spooktacular Witchiness. But be prepared her cackle and her dry humor may be more than I can even handle some days. Let thee be warned!

It is so fitting to have experienced the Full Hunter’s Moon this week, and instead I find Spook on a hunt of her own, her horoscope signalled change and a lot of it. Let’s hope she keeps her broom under control and her seatbelt fastened at all times. Time to ride!