New Spook Year

Happy New Year!

Well everyone is busy prepping their lists of all the resolutions they feel they should complete, Spook and I are on a different journey. Unfortunately, we have been under the weather for quite some time but have had lots of days to think, ponder and “Be”.

Have you truly thought about what “Be” means to you? It was a question that is truly challenging to answer; it seems to be a feeling. After many days of thought and reviewing what we have been learning in the past while I had to ask myself, what does it mean to “Be”? Does it mean that I spend the time looking at my Facebook page, Pinterest, any phone apps? Does it mean I pick up the cleaning cloths and work on household tasks? Reading? What is it?

So this year 2016, is dedicated to learning the art of “BE”. To be present in the moment. To be engaged in conversation and listening skills. To be authentic and that is truly a blessing in disguise to learn. Not saying we are fake or put on a face, but what are the true desires of the heart that help us to be, what is our true passion and destiny. What can we learn from just being?

For Christmas I received a new journal. It is beautiful! Leather bound and feels special. More special because my husband bought it for me as a gift as he has been watching us unfold day by day and seeing what we have learned. So Monday I embark on a new adventure! One of passion, derogatory remarks and silliness. I like it! It is Spook’s style! We are learning the art of journaling and how to continue keeping it a habit. I thought this task may assist in the “BE” discovery. Along with that and two bags of books from Chapters we are now researching more on the mind, body and spirit to engage the “BE”.  What thoughts do you have on what it means to “BE” to you? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

We love a reply, thank you!!

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