Blessings in Disguise

It’s early in the morning and as I snuggle back into bed, Spook keeps taunting me with all the lists of things she has to say. She is overwhelming at 5 am and I am truly thinking I am not a morning person. But somewhere along the time I try to get myself comfy and warm again, and her continuous dancing, she has made a point. One that I have not thought about all that much.


When I was little Spook was an active part of my childhood but I didn’t know who she really was. She was my imaginary friend, with numerous names, someone who played cashier with me, would help play library and code all the books and make their checkout cards, play barbies and did the voices or take me outside to play tag when there was no one else on the farm to play with. She was truly my confident. The one person who I could tell anything to, but she was not real, or so I thought.

The years passed and time as any gets away from us, you go to school, university, get married, children are born, graduate and move away, you work long hours, you get sick and then you start looking at the time you have differently. The value of each moment, of each phone call you get, text, picture, birthday card, long conversation with your friends and dinner at the table with your husband. Your appreciation has grown so much more than that of when you were a child. Now Spook is the one steady here who keeps reminding me of a time I forgot. I forgot her, I forgot what she did for me and I forgot who I was. She didn’t. She has been a very persistent witch in every manner over the years and it was recently that I finally started to listen to her. It was probably to shut her up as her jibber- jabber is constant. Man, can she talk!

She started to remind me to take moments for myself to laugh at a joke, dream, start looking at a new future, whatever that may be, start remembering the fun, enjoy the mud puddles, the board games, the childhood classic stories, and make life simple, simpler than what it has been.

“Anything can happen if you let it” Mary Poppins, one of the best treasures has been saying it for years. Spook cannot seem to wave her wand, (I am questioning if it truly works), to grant any changing of the times, or letting me try again, but in so many ways she seems to have brought me back and for that I am grateful. Right now, she is sticking her tongue out yelling told you so! Yes, you did Spook, yes you did.

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