Open Mic

I have to laugh. I was talking with Spook last night as we continue to work on my self critic and she always knows how to keep things so light and fun.

Spook the jokester that she is, loves the movies, and had to recite from Harry Potter the tag line “Can anyone see me, can anyone hear me” I cracked up. She is pretty wise for 147- year- old witch.

Our self critic seems to take over the microphone at the times when we think we have things going right. The times when we feel invincible and then instantly, there he is, on the shoulder, in the back of the mind, holding the 1950’s microphone tapping it over and over to grab your attention as you hold your breathe waiting for what he will say.  So many days you want to run from him, you want to run from the way in an instant he can tear down the self esteem you have worked so hard to build up. I think in so many combinations it is every negative voice we have heard growing up,  and in adulthood.

You can’t do that, you are not smart enough, girls are not allowed and on and on. What a negative little voice but commands such power over us. As we were working with our self critic we looked for when and where he was the loudest and how can I stop him from being the mean little pion he is. (Just saying mine I think looks like a bearded leprechaun) Seems simple right? But challenging.

I decided to let Spook have a go at him, and if she turns him into a frog, maybe the beautiful sound of his ribbits will be more positive than before. To my self critic, I am choosing to take your microphone away. Open Mic is now done and no new shows will be performed. Now please be gone.

I guess if he does choose to come back, I think I will leave it to Spook from this point on. Maybe she can change him completely, I believe I still need a new painting for my room.

If you have any tips you would like to share on how we can aid in taking the mic away from our self critic, I would love to hear.

We love a reply, thank you!!

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