If I Could….

Do you ever sit and watch the world speed around you feeling as if you are the only one that is standing in the center holding your boom box up and waiting for something great to happen?

My world is like the endless montage of movies in my head and endless lyric quotes to each fun, loving, challenging and sad moment. Some days I believe when I walk I can hear the music as if I watching Pretty in Pink, or any other 80’s & 90’s  movies. (I am trying not to age myself too much).

The music starts and next is my amazing guitar solo, (yup tried playing and I am not talented there), so instead out come the drumsticks and I am tapping away, as if i just came off some world tour. (I have played with some greats, Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Billy Idol).  My thoughts swim endlessly in my head and the one question I constantly start with is if I could?

If I could, swim the atlantic, if I could play the guitar, if I could fly a plane (Spook’s laughing and says I can fly my broom only, it is the safest) what would it be? Would you take a leap of faith and try it?

While growing up I found the line, “You have to jump with both feet” it became my life’s motto. I made it my choice to jump and try some new challenges regardless of what they were. I was the first down the ski hill when everyone else was scared, I would just say ok let’s ride! My first’s , were amazing and looking back I am thinking WOW, now what. Somewhere over the years we end up repeating week after week, with our usual tasks; life in general gets in the way to our thoughts of if I could…..

So what would you say tomorrow when I ask you if you could… how would you finish that sentance? It is a question I feel that we need to ask ourselves more, because our “if I could”, instead turns into, “I am” or” I choose”. I think this triggered that it is time to revamp my life listing and decide if I could and make an effort to try. Someone told me once that it was not good enough to just try. Spook and I say, refer to track 4 of Bif’s; The Promise album title as my response.

We won’t be perfect at everything but at least we can see where our light shines through us again. What sparks us to that massive Anthony Michael Hall braces smile to get in touch with our inner self. I also encourage that you send your self critic packing during this time or you won’t get a moments peace.

You never know …..we may be in the same band together.

“If you could be anywhere at all, where would you be? Would you be somewhere else instead….?” (Bif Naked)


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