Pleddy the Teddy

I am trying to kick myself in the bum tonight to try and get my spirits lifted. So after laughing at the Goldbergs I am thinking I have a few minutes before the blues hit again.

Today is the type of day when you wake up and wish you could just hit a permanent snooze button. It would just feel awesome to stay cuddled up under the heavy white comforter and not have to deal with the Jekyll and Hyde characters all day.

The exhaustion from it has put me in a mood, from the constant teeter totter of trying to balance something that I felt I had together the other day and was doing great and today I do not. I kind of think the exhaustion comes from the challenge of trying so hard to win the tug of war. One minute you are up and light, the next down, then you work within yourself to bring it back up.

As I sit and snuggle back up at the end of the day I make myself think of five things I am grateful for every day. Some days you feel like you are reaching, but it’s about making the effort in the mind and the connection with the heart.

So today I am grateful for, having an amazing holistic healer who works with me. I am grateful that when I snuggle into bed tonight I have my piggy and pleddy the teddy to hug. I will hug them tight! They see so much.

I am grateful for the fact that the Goldberg show is based off his actual life, it cracks me up. I am grateful that my kitties snuggled up with me. I swear they feel when a person is sad. I am grateful for Mr. Jones who seems to be able to handle the ups and downs in my world and lets me be when I just need nothing at that time.

So here is to a good sleep, one of happy dreams and no nightmares, to not waking up in the night and sleeping through and to waking up tomorrow feeling like a happier version of myself.

“Every night her thoughts weighed heavily on her soul but every morning she would get up to fight another day, every night she survived.” R.H. Sin

P.S Pleddy the Teddy and Piggy were my 15 and 16 year old dog’s teddies and they loved them lots. Even though they are no longer with us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I think of them often and keep their treasures close to my heart. Boys, I hope you are enjoying the all you can eat buffet in heaven. Mama misses you and loves you big.

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