Have you ever thought about how you make connections with people? What was it that brought the two of you onto the same path and entered each others lives and then one day the journey has taken you another way. You are still friends, in a distance relationship and with social media it makes it so much easier than the days of a long lost snail mail letter.

I have numerous blessings in my lives, friends that come from all areas and walks of life, but have you thought about their story? Each of us has one. From amazing to awful, some good memories to ones we wish we could forget. How did that person connect with you?

I am thinking about each of you and some times it is a similar interest and sometimes it is through other friends but I truly believe it is destiny. It doesn’t matter where they are, you know when they are going through a rough time and it could be thousands of miles apart. You have a feeling, an electric bond or as a friend said this overwhelming feeling of emotion for the other.

We keep so many people at an arms length, so we do not get hurt or disappointed. Isn’t it time to let them into our whole bubble. The hurt we share, the laughter and build those relationships into more.

I feel the more I am starting to open up, they are too, and I am sorry for so many years I have kept my friends only in part of the know of my life. I was so scared that I would feel a betrayl and I know as I am growing, this is not the case. They are there to lift me up, for me to them and I am looking forward to experiencing more, Golden Girl years with them.

I have one life to live and it seems to have taken me 42 years to get it figured out and I intend to live it in with passion and authentically.

To my friends, thank you for how each of you have been reaching out. I appreciate it in more ways than I can tell you. Build your bond and ask what is their story?

I took great pleasure in a lovely scotch tonight with a cigar and Mr. Jones shared with me something I think is quite fascinating.

Instead of a quote I leave you with this tidbit to chew on. Ernest Hemmingway wrote at his typewriter standing up, naked and drunk. You can decide if I am! Enjoy, embrace and love.



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