Me & Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is cooking me breakfast. What a wonderful husband! I slept in late and he wanted to check on me and make sure I was okay.

I shared with him a remarkable story about love. A couple I met, was sharing their Christmas surprise with us the other day and I had to ask how long have they been married? 43 years! That is an ultimate lifetime already.

In their video you could see their true love. They come across as reserved and very much jokesters but to see that, it was inspiring. The tears, from him when he saw how happy she was and his planning, that took a lot of effort. The tears from her on what a wonderful, thoughtful and loving husband she had. You can see it; they will be together always. I have no doubt.

She was very open and shared how she had such an appreciation to him. He worked hard for their family, was gone from home a lot and she focused on that appreciation every time he came home. What a woman! He too talked of how much he appreciated her, what she did to keep their family going while he was away.

I have to wonder how many people actually are together for that many years? Do these individuals getting married, do they know and understand the commitment that you make to each other? Is this the same as when I married my soul mate, as that was a long time ago? (We have been together for 20 years. Longer than I lived with my parents and siblings.)

The day I said my vows, I cried through them, and had a hard time saying them. (Mr. Jones says, “I think you have to say them”) I giggled at that moment. I was so emotional, happy and scared because this man wanted to spend his entire life with me.

With me? For better or worse? God knows we have had our share of worse and sickness but he still is there and we keep working at it. What a gift!

Everyone has someone out there that loves, their wake up look and thinks they are beautiful. The days you are moody, the days you are sad, they hug you and appreciate that you are there with them. The snoring, the other wonderful parts of being human (Spook is cracking up here and saying just say it!) The days we have amazing journeys together and the days we hold each other as family members move on.

Today I just encourage you to hug your loved one closer. Appreciate them. Think of all the amazing challenges and moments you shared. Not that they forgot to take the garbage out. That will be there tomorrow, they may not be. Hold their hand and let the sunshine in. Have an amazing Sunday together!

“He broke down her walls without her noticing. And when he rebuilt the walls he added windows to let the sunshine in. ” Unknown



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