A Day of Meh

It is quite cool out and we just had another dump of snow on us. It is dark out already and I am beginning to feel the Hulk ready to roar at the top of my lungs because I need some sun, longer days and oh I need to BBQ.

I have no energy today. Even as I sit here and type I am feeling “MEH”.  The ultimate word of the year. When you do not have the energy for anything else, you really have no emotion or feeling. It sums up everything. It is short, sweet and can be said with a simple syllable, meh.

I am sitting in the quiet with only the sound of the fireplace running in the background. Two kitties both sleeping and snoring away with an occasional meow or purring as I move to get more comfortable. I am contemplating life in general.

Yet normally when I am thinking, I have expressions of yeah I got this, I can do this and this, and today I feel the need for absolutely nothing. The sound of silence all around me. I have to wonder if you can get a keyboard that doesn’t make the clickety clack sound, as that would be a great invention.

I am grateful for these days as it does provide a complete break in the feeling of trying so hard to keep it together. A meh day makes it simpler sometimes, no major thoughts, distractions; just an opportunity to be.

And my therapist just jumped into my head saying yes! When I was off it was easier sometimes to just be. Nothing to distract you into feeling a need to create, do or organize. I feel this could be my mind just saying knock it off and tomorrow will be brighter.

I believe we should rally together and Mondays should become a day of Meh, just like Sundays is recognized for worship, why not a day of meh and then I bet all our productivity and thoughts would be through the roof the rest of the week, well maybe, some speculation here.

So today I want you to celebrate your meh; not think about your to do lists, not trying to start a new project but to sit and pretend you are watching the paint drying on the wall. You may become amazed at what one meh day can do mentally and physically for you.

Disclaimer: Spook does not encourage multiple meh days in a row. Multiple meh days can result in a loss of complete productivity, bad hygiene and not knowing what day it is.

“I shall declare today as the international day of meh.” pandaandpolarbear.com







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