Breaking Down the Walls

A Spooktacular Evening to you all!

This is Spook and I hope you have some broom riding plans for the weekend. Mrs. Jones is relaxing this evening (I saw a glass of red wine in hand) and has no idea I took over her computer to write to you. I am sure she will be surprised tomorrow but oh well, I want to share and I do not get to comment much lately. Cackle Cackle!

Here is the short story on the fall of Mrs. Jones. Little did the old gal know that this had begun a few years before she was told that it was ptsd that she was dealing with. Lately she has really begun to break down the walls and look back on the incidents. She has been figuring out when and where things drastically changed for her. What situations prompted it, what her feelings were then and now with each one and how to move forward and not let those emotions paralyse her in fear.

Man that woman is tough, and so weak at the same time. She took each sad situation and dealt with as though there was a personal family member involved. She took bad situations and tried so hard, to help, be kind, be firm and strong when the situation called for it and do what was best; the safest to protect those around her.

It eventually caught up to her and I watched as her life began to be put on hold. Her dreams, her desires, and her smile each day began to fade and disappear. She started to become a faded painting in the sun. One that use to be bold, bright coloured and had such a meaning; then one day it has become faded, dark, shadowed and no one knows the beauty it held. I did, but hey what does 147 year old witch know. Maybe a lot!

I pushed at her, poked her, tried so hard to wake her up and it seemed as if she was too far gone, she was haunted. She had died one too many times and then a miracle happened, she started to wake up. She struggled, she was scared and she cried, man did she cry. I do not believe there was a day that went by that she didn’t and then things started to get better.

Her therapist laughed that she was like a a dog with a bone. (I am privileged to attend all those sessions, to know all the dirt, my book will be out in Spring.) The knowledge and info she heard, she kept working hard and ta da, here she is; a Woman in Process. She may have her flaws but she is pretty cool. (Don’t tell I said that.) I give the old gal a rough time some days but that is what I am for, plus to hold her when she is down.

Oh, Oh, I hear her so better finish up, she is probably coming for another glass of wine. She is always leaving her writing with a quote so I will add a favourite of mine.

“A witch lives and laughs in every woman. She is the free part of each of us. There is no joining witch. If you are a woman and dare to look within yourself, you a witch.” The Witch Manifesto

Use your intuition and trust it. Spook πŸ™‚






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