Road Trip

The wind was bustling last night, I felt like my Hundred Acre Wood may blow away. I am up, excited, groggy and getting myself beautified for a road trip with Mr. Jones. He has been packed all week so I guess he is excited for the adventure.

My swelling is down, thank goodness as I had a new tall Italian pair of boots waiting for me to wiggle my toes in the end and match up a sleek outfit with it. Ok a curvy outfit.

Mr. Jones is reminding me it is one night, one night. That translates into how many suitcases are you bringing? One pair of shoes right? I have learned to speak Mr. Jones well over the years. If he only knew I was blogging while standing in my bathrobe thinking on what I am going to pack. Come on, we all know this could start a War of the Roses.

Spook has claimed the backseat for herself, she is stretched out on the luggage, eating her snacks already; listening to her eight track of 21 greatest hits featuring the Happy Organ. We must find her some new music choices.

As the wind continues to blow it feels as if the sun is dancing above and the wind is entertaining a tango with the snow in the fields. It’s beautiful, we are very blessed to be on our way.

Once we land at our destination, the view we have is incredible and we are entertaining ourselves absorbing all the history of this building. Learning all it has to offer; drinking our glass of wine and Guinness.

I continue to watch people and have to think of all those that had graced the halls of this building so long ago. It brings shivers to my body. So far I don’t believe there are any ghosts here but will ask the desk and see what their response was.

As always the reuniting on the adventure with our gal is at the top of my list. She is so grown up, so lovely, and such a caring human being. Now to stop my waterworks. I always get teared up. I commented how much I wanted to just hold her and squeeze her tight.

Today I am most grateful for them. My firm foundation who are by my side with every disaster, sad moment and give me so much strength to keep me getting up each morning. Without them my world would be even harder, blacker in my mind than it is and more emotionally challenged. I say thank you for being the most awesome caring daughter and husband; I was blessed with the two of you.

Family is what you make of it. It does not need to be blood related, it can be your friend, confident or anyone else helping you get up each day, checking on you and saying I care. Who has been your rock?

” Home should be an anchor, a port in a storm, a refuge, a happy place in which to dwell, a place where we are loved and where we can love.” Marvin J. Ashton

Love from the squeezing, adventure loving, ghost hunting, Woman in Process

P.S the photo above, represents how much crazy fun we have together.


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