Hungry Like the…?

After a trying day and me shaking my head a lot. (Expect to see that in most posts.) I jump on the treadmill for a run; ok run/walk whatever I could handle. I began to think of all the stuff I put in my mouth while travelling: barbecue poutine, I meant to share it, but I was like a wild Hildabeast; gnawing on a bone. Ok next time, share Mrs. Jones and remember to breath. That poor waitress, I hope she recovers. Should I send flowers?

Then there were the items I tucked into my bag: nuts, bubble gum, granola bars and the items I purchased for the long flight, some healthy, some not so much. I did purchase a Twix bar to share. It was a long flight. Some long nights. I ate them. Who’s lying it was the share package of four, but they are smaller, right? Does it count that I text my friend to share and she didn’t answer so I ate that for her? I did her a favour; I think she said she was working hard on lunges. I was too and to think about it, I may have been lunging while eating to counteract it. Ok note to self again, maybe share and add more lunges.

Now I am home and started my nights of healthy cooking, (sometimes), when work hasn’t kept me too late. Mr. Jones and I alternate who cooks at times when life gets too busy for us. It works out great and I appreciate it immensely. Plus, he has no problem, to clean up the kitchen, score! My music is blasting in my ears, as I am shaking it while slicing and dicing. (Always ensure you wear gloves as slicing, dicing and shaking can be hazardous to your fingers, toes, all extremities really.)

I absolutely love to cook, learning gourmet meals and seeing what I can create from nothing. It takes me to another world, one that I wish I entertained earlier as a career. (I already have the temper.)

In the early B3 days, (before 30) we spent many days in the restaurant learning to cook with the Chef; learning the techniques of knife handling, cutting meat, how long to cook items and when the smoke alarm goes off, it’s too long. (Only a few times this took place but we had a suppression system, and the occasional fireman). Life was good. Simple.

Tonight I have to give him kudos; he probably had no idea that he had instilled a passion for me one that would grow and develop over time. It makes me content. As Mr. Jones is trying to use the Darth Vader force to move the dish to him, I confirm he enjoyed the something new dish; plus, we have quite the entertaining conversation together at the table. There is always lots of laughing.

So for tonight I want you to think about your passions. What do you love to do? What inspires you? Do more of it. Every time life is rough, build a cake, build a meal, paint, create and get lost in the feeling of a small accomplishment. You do have a bit of control, even when life feels out of control. I have a huge thank you to a friend who helped me work on remembering all my passions. (50 Shades excluded.)

Tonight’s writing inspiration came from my napkin. We purchased ones with all different questions to spark a conversation. Thinking it was a good thing.

“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Thomas Keller

Love always the Twix eating, slicing, dicing, soul smoking Woman in Process.

P.S Thought I would share my driver’s license photo.

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