Paint By Numbers

Last night we ventured out of the usual comfort zone and into something new. Art expression!

With a glass of red wine in hand (and white), we drew and listened to a great session on shapes, design, and watercolours.

Each person thinking, they have no talent and each of us scared that our design will look nothing like the picture. I commented that it was better than the stick person I had envisioned in my head.

How freeing, to calm the mind, breathe deeply and enjoy the mesmerizing display or mixing colours and the blending and bleeding of the colours as they cross the lines we originally drew determined we would paint between them.

Instead we painted, experimented and blotted our artwork till we finally determined they were ok, or good enough; not perfected by some fictitious impression or preconceived notion of our mind.

I wonder how many times a day people aim and strive for this imaginary achievement where someone is constantly placing a gold star on our accomplishment. Who determines that the gold star is or should be awarded; a critique, a peer or yourself?

Have we been putting to much pressure on ourselves for something that is all in our creative mind?

Tomorrow we are doing the same, more self expression of acrylic painting and am looking forward to learning the techniques and seeing how my mind interprets the painting and design.

One of the true gifts was to see so much of everyone’s deep and dark crevices of their minds, expressed. Most were unsure of what would transpire and some displays were the exact opposite of their original thoughts. Each one was beautiful, creative, and filled with love; the love of creativity.

Tell me how do you find a way to express what you have inside? Also do you feel that it would be expressed the same way on paper as the feeling you carry?

I encourage you to grab a sheet of heavy paper or sign up for a class and watch the artist inside you come out. I am currently finding this very therapeutic and believe it is helping the strong overwhelming emotions inside. It is like a soft lullaby to them, trancing them into a manageable globe to carry.

I think tomorrow I need to get my sis and I matching berets to wear while painting. Who am I kidding I would probably end up more with a mad-hatter style hats for us and would either start the crazy mad-hatter chatter or the moon walk. So many opportunities and both so fitting.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams

Love always the moon walking, beret wearing, smoking while painting Woman in Process.

P.S To begin I bought myself a paint kit that would give me the colours to use, now I am colouring outside the lines.


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