Balderson Cheese & Guinness

Another beauty day of warm weather, a wonderful walk listening to the families cruising down the toboggan hills at full speed; laughing, screaming and having a great time. What an amazing event to witness.

I remember the many times we spent with the children sliding down the hill and me screaming like a little girl at how fast I was going (I was scared, sometimes more of the walk back up).

It was always just the experience that was the thrill. One that brought a smile to your face, a warmth to your heart, it sometimes seems so long ago, but now we are enjoying a different stage and age with the girls and some fine items in life.

I would love to have more time to take advantage of visits, laughter and wine but right now, I am also getting to know Mr. Jones again. We have spent years driving to schools, events and keeping our palette at what others may enjoy more. We are in the next phase of our lives and as Mr. Jones said the other day; “I will give you all my years I have left.” (Still brings a tear to my eye. He doesn’t think he is romantic but he always has the right words.)

Tonight is a fine example, I have adapted a very awesome recipe I found online and tonight was Guinness and Redbreast Scotch burgers, topped with double smoked Balderson cheese. Served with a Glenmorangie Scotch, a regular Guinness, a Guinness Blonde and a chocolate cigar for dessert. Yup that is living. (I know you are drooling).

So I have to ask, why do we save all the best things for other days? Should we not enjoy it as it could be our last day or wait until company comes; when you have cleaned like a mad person or your once a year for the family Christmas visits and are exhausted?

Sometimes life forces things onto you and I remember the day well. My doctor’s appointment was scheduled for results and I recall that day being cool as a cucumber (this is not me).

I spoke well in the appointment asking questions as my husband and daughter sat there, in a bit of what’s next face (little miss, was pretty young and just knew mum was not all that well). Mr. Jones says to me after the appointment you were so calm. I said I knew the answer three days ago. It was given to me.

I had a conversation that put my fears out there to my beliefs to take the burden. My answers came and I knew what would be next. My goal was to ensure that there was not too much worry and that I would continue on.  I did. I struggled many days, but the days I could I always had a plan; we did crafts with children, baked cookies or one of my favourite moments, I took my girl snowshoeing and had a winter picnic (I may not have gotten far, but I still went.)

I asked her if she knew why we were doing this? Her response was; “because you want me to remember the moments.”(Such a smart young girl.)

Yes, I sure do. I want you to remember our football games, High Tea dates, sliding down the hill, playing on the piano in New York, cruising to Alaska and seeing whales and dolphins.

I want you to have so many memories and the laughter we always shared, and the day that my memory fails again or if it does, you have the scrap books and photos to remind me of all the amazing events we did as family. (Along with all the descriptions we wrote the last time it failed.)

“Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.”

Today, I encourage you to let the dishes sit, cook the gourmet meal, enjoy the wine, slide down the hill and eat the Balderson cheese.

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” Unknown

Love always the double smoked cheese eating, burger master, memory making Woman in Process




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