I am still feeling the after effects of yesterday on my mind. I have shuffled my way into the house leaning against the door thinking I made it. My Quasimodo body is tired from the busyness of this Wednesday.

As I shuffle down the hall I look at my feet thinking how awful they look and feel; chipped polish, time for me to make a “me day” appointment. My hulk feet are now up being iced, dinner is done and I am thankful for the end of having to think today.

You know you are tired when you do not have the intellectual ability to understand a show. Yup, I admit it, I turned on Zoolander. No thinking required. My best Blue Steel look is definitely all I have the energy for tonight. (You know you are probably doing it too, along with the strut. Spook is striking a pose.)

My intuition is a little fritzy after my emotions run high and it takes me about five days to bring it back into balance. (Note to remember, it also takes me five days to calm down after I bring the temper out. That woman is scary. Do not take her parking spot.)

I enjoy a meday where there are no chores to be completed, no work, it is only fun or relaxing tasks that you want to do alone. Might not sound perfect for all, being alone; but I find it great down time to recharge and get a new perspective.

I have to begin to reserve myself for a bit. My answers become shorter when asked a question, my smile small or I nod, my eyesight blurs, and my speech sounds tired, weak. It is the feeling that I expelled too much energy at one time. I also had to get onto the treadmill yesterday to exhaust myself to try and sleep; it is very awkward to run, bawl and as my girlfriend says, “to not slip on the snot.”

I can hear it already: I will take your health care information and can you describe how you had this accident on your treadmill? You slipped on what? I’m sorry you did what? Wonder which doctor would win the oddest person pool that day? Just for laughs I think I may call my sister as she was always taking me to the hospital for my odd “accidents”.

Tonight my intellectual aspect may be small but the good news is, (from yesterday) the daughter and mother are talking, listening and working on getting her some help from the resources. She said I may see her in the next little while to chat, I would like that.

I now plan to spend the evening watching and laughing at crazy cat videos. I swear that is the entire reason the internet was created.

“It takes real skill to choke on air, fall up stairs and trip over completely nothing. I have that skill.” Minions

Love always from the sleepy, air choking, slipping on snot, running Woman in Process




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