Love in All Sizes & Fur

The concerning rawr from my kitty shows such emotion as she wants to spend the day snuggled up with me. Kitty suffers from something equivalent to an Alzheimer’s disease in people.

She goes in and out of it; at times when she looks at you, her eyes are so black, scared, and has no idea who I am. Kitty is 15.5 years old and even as much damage she has done (eating the wiring on a massage chair, okay she has wrecked two chairs) I love her big.

We have been modifying everything for her. Using the bottom of one of the dog kennels, to keep the litter box container in, lowering her kitty litter containers so she can get in, finding new types of hidey hole sleeping arrangements so she doesn’t have to climb.

Kitty’s area, looks out the French doors to the bird feeders so she can mew at them and lay on the heat vent while she does. She even has her own heater we turn on direct to the hidey hole so she feels warm, or warmer as she doesn’t like when the weather gets too cold (me neither) and enjoys the heat.

To keep her feeling comfortable I found a big plastic tub with handles, filled it with blankets and this is how she can sit with me as her bones are becoming weaker and her walk is one of an old lady. Stairs are no longer her friend and a good hip rub is always the answer.

She listens to everything I have to say; when I am happy, when I am sad and at times gives me her piece of solid kitty advice. Her tones of meows have changed and she can communicate quite effectively by them. I feel sometimes like we are having a real conversation.

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” A.D. Williams

She is a wonderful companion, and I will miss her when she decides it is time to leave me. At night I rock her and sing Goodnight Sweetheart with Mr. Jones interjecting the low bom bom bom boms; it has become tradition.

One of our favourite moments is when I sit with her and I play the piano; it looks out the French doors to the back yard and kitty always puts her request in for her song; Memories from Cats. She sits close and enjoys the feel that each strike to the chord creates around her, it creates warmth. She is very loved and safe. (She doesn’t even mind the singing.)

As I write, kitty has given me her opinion, and is now snuggled up in the tub on my bed. She is lights out; I think I may join her. In all these years you know kitty has taught me so much. From teaching me to deep breath when I am holding her, and not breath from the chest.

Kitty & (the boys) have taught unconditional love, and has shared that with us. Kitty puts her paw out to get your attention or a mew and I have gone to putting my phone down; the time we share is ours. Kitty always knows how I feel and a purr, a mew, a cuddle or a nap together may be just what I need.

It seems like yesterday that kitty was sitting in the front pocket of my overalls, being protected from the dogs, till she grew. Little did I know that the time would go so quick. Little miss grew up and moved and some how all of us and the pets woke up older. “The most important thing to remember is the best moments in life are right beside you.”

“Gentle eyes that see so much, paws that have the quiet touch, purrs to signal “all is well” and show more love than words can tell. Graceful movements touched with pride, a calming presence by your side. A friendship that takes time to grow. Small wonder why we love them so. ” Unknown

Love from the purring, tubby, sleepy kitty and the Woman in Process

P.S this house has been a zoo over the years: numerous fish, two hamsters, two bunnies, two dogs and two cats (we still have them) we had our own Noah’s Ark. All the rest have taught us about loss and we were so blessed that we all found each other.


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