What a Wonderful World

I am looking rough, beat up and bruised from the massage, able to move; I feel so much better; not as stiff as the cardboard I was before and I have some colour. I am working in my head, of the visions of my future; some tough morning thoughts.

It was a Louis Armstrong kind of morning. I needed some soul and deep voiced music. Amazing the way, he played his trumpet, his music was his piece of art, the way a sculptor looks on to their masterpiece scrutinizing it, so was his expressions of soul. (Spook is currently scatting, not well I tell you.)

I have always love all the old music, especially anything from the pearl wearing years; the 40’s. The clothes, the appreciation for their items, they were definitely not the throw away society that we have become; items were made to last forever.

I believe my mums stove was 46 when it finally went; care and love instilled in it when it was created. Their world was about quality, working hard, and appreciation of new creations and as always there was a vision of their future. I wonder at times what did they wish for?

Would our world today be that vision, their longing? Would they have U-turned around to head back to what they had? It is questions I wonder oh so often.

“The soul often speaks through longing.” Sue Monk Kidd

If today, you could speak with your soul what would it say at this moment? What would you want to do with your life?  What are your real dreams, with no limitations on yourself? Did you give up on them or are they just waiting for the right time to come into your life?

One of my longing dreams is to own an apple orchard. I love the growing season for everything, but groves of trees lined up, wind whistling in the leaves, and these beautiful, delicious and some tart apples would be amazing to share.

Lots of work, but amazing; the details of the process is what intrigues me not to mention all the leaves I could play in. What a wonderful scene for a painting. I wonder should this be my future?

I feel I need to ponder this more as well and of course a walk in the park is the best way to explore my own feelings and longings. Mr. Jones and I start off on the icy path (always helpful my cane has a pick) and I need the fresh air and sunshine. It is cool still and the scene I see is breath taking.

I may be slow but I am determined, each step success and a few stops along the way so I can take a look around and appreciate the beauty. We are a quarter of the way of our destination and I stop, tears flowing down my cheeks, nose snuffling, Kleenex in hand. Mr. Jones asks “Do you need to go back to the vehicle, is it too much?” My answer is no, these are happy tears because I am up and walking again. He smiles.

I bask in the rays of the sunshine and close my eyes while listening to the sounds of the birds chirping from the trees. Listening to each pebble under my hiker and the sound of crunching from underneath every step. “Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.” Thich Nhat Hanh

I say my usual hellos to the fellow trail people and enjoy the love from their canines, I even got a snuggle today. I am now smiling, loving every moment of the day.

We complete the walk and Mr. Jones, calls me snoozy, my energy has grown, I just need a bit of a rest. The seat goes back, and I close my eyes for the short ride home, feeling every ray of sunshine on my face like a tickle. I am content. “When the root is deep… There is no reason to fear the wind.” Unknown (This quote is very moving to me.)

Today I am standing taller than the trees; what a wonderful world.

“The soul would say; yes, I am your pain, but I am also your peace and your power, know always that I am aware and able.” Unknown

Love always from your questioning, Sunday morning soul searching Woman in Process.



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