Love & Laugh

You know that moment where you are talking to someone and you feel as if they see right through you.

You aim to only show the surface points similar to a Cole’s Cliff notes version of you; only the imperative points will be the presentation.

Nothing more. My brain struggles in the morning, he doesn’t understand why we have to get up right now and would like to settle in for a spring hibernation.

Each day I aim to focus and try and change the mood of him. He is so overbearing at times as he is still not feeling well. Today he can speak his mind to our therapist, and hopefully get help to start to change his perspective.

Sometimes an ill mind of ourselves can be the biggest obstacle. It’s a tug of war inside, which side will win?

Within minutes of getting up I feel overwhelmed and tired knowing I will be duelling inside along with some heavy days. I will close my eyes for a bit with coffee in hand and meditate for release.

I get my body and mind to work, thinking I got this, shaking inside, the anxiety rising, yet my physical movements are improving. Then it begins….

The overwhelming laughter from the crazy stuff my associate and I come up with. It changes everything! My mind starts to improve more, we laugh more and it continues throughout the day; it ended up a giggling, heart laughing and silly day. It was just what I needed.

Nothing is better than that bottom of the stomach laugh that pulls up from the depths of your core. Your whole body shakes and it warms your heart. You feel invigorated, alive and whole again. It refreshed my creativity and opened the window to all it offers.

I am smiling, tasks are completed and I feel accomplished. The day is over and I feel, better; tired but I am healing well.

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” E.E Cummings

I am missing running this week, as it would assist in the process quicker but you can picture it. Treadmill on, cane in hand and me laughing as I try to increase the speed and telling myself to keep swimming. Maybe a few days of my feet up and wine in my hand will be more of what the doctor ordered.

I wish you an evening of laughter, creativity and smiles from the heart.

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” Walt Disney

Love always from the healing, laughing, wine drinking, I got this, Woman in Process



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