Your Song

My head is a bit foggy today so I will do my best in depicting these thoughts.

I was looking back on today, last week, the time since I returned to work for the new year. I thought about how I work, how I stay organized and why I do things in my sequences and my idiosyncrasies. Why follow the yellow brick road?

My mind functions at it’s best if I stay organized, not only to be successful in the business and ensure I have all the tasks covered but the biggest reason is to keep my mind less cluttered; organizing each process to try and make my life simpler.

Everything is broken into small tasks, lists are created, follow up notes made, and poof (Spook waved her wand) the job is done (high fives when we have victory).

I was watching how others create their processes. When I see someone successful in their planning I pay attention to them and see what qualities I really like and aim to adapt them into my world.

As I people watch, I am analyzing and learning from them; learning from their actions. I do not normally come right out and ask questions, I may just observe how they complete their tasks over and over, considering why they proceeded in that manner; completing a process of elimination in my thoughts.

Each portion of what I learn from them I work to adapt, it becomes part of my song, part of my habits, part of what I begin to share with others once I feel confident with it and if not, I analyze it more. It may seem trivial to others, but over time, days, years, you realize the gift they shared with you; they have embellished your habits.

Control of the tasks, is control of my time and my mind; some days, not all days. It gives me a small piece of satisfaction, in the larger scope of the world with it’s constant changing and the cloudiness of the periscope. Looking back some of the best teachers are those that taught from the heart and may not have even realized the lesson they provided.

Who, that you remember made a large impact on your life and helped you define your personality? Each of us has someone that became a mentor, that still may be, that becomes someone else’s. If you left anything behind what would it be? How would you define your legacy from what you shared or gifted to another?

I can think back to numerous people that were mentors, that helped guide me as I was looking for control of my life. Some reached out and held my hand, helping guide me in the direction, some gave me the pencil and a blank sheet of paper to work on mind mapping; building and looking inside for the guidance; some shared knowledge from books, speeches, always trying to light up a world that at times was quite dark and fragile.

Each of them helped light a fire inside and inspire me to continue on a journey that at times I questioned more than once. Doesn’t matter if you are learning the piano, figure skating or playing chess, you recognize that you will have to apply dedication and time to the craft (and always heart).

For those that are lost in their journey, I hope you recognize your guide or angel who is pitching at you; suppose to aid you to get to the next base and work on bringing you into home because the run into home seems to come when you least expect it and you feel propelled into the endless possibilities life has for you.

Thank you to those that mentor me, have mentored and those I will drive crazy in the future mentoring me. You helped turn my darkness into a scenic window view.

Not all of them are who you thought would be your navigation guide. (The photo above was a great depiction of it and I cannot stop looking at it.)

“The whole purpose of education is turn mirrors into windows.” Sydney D. Harris

Love always the organized, window looking, Woman in Process









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