My Pet Rock

When I was a kid I would roam the long driveway and search for the perfect rocks; ones with swirls, lots of color and smooth. Each representing some article I saw in it.

They told me a story, about how they came to be in this driveway, and I would of course have to pick these very special rocks up and give them a home, take care of them.

I would play with them, flip them through my fingers, admire how polished and smooth they were. I would wash them and add them to my Humpty Dumpty coffee can. My grandmother made me a Humpty Dumpty cozy for it. I still have it downstairs on my shelf to this day.

If it didn’t hold rocks, it had my collection of pennies in it. I was recently going through the items in my daughters room and had to laugh, there in the closet is an eighteen styrofoam egg package full of her rock collection. Each one with their own story, small, large, bumpy, smooth; none are the same.

To this day I keep a container of rocks by my chair, I flip them around, look at each one and concentrate on them to bring down the anxiety fits. It seems to help me a great deal; next I think I will purchase a zen garden; adding the sand and combing it will soothe my being when my feathers feel ruffled or I feel I am losing control.

See these rocks were not just any rock, they took away the fear, gave me courage, listened to my stories, and gave me hope; hope in myself.

Many years ago, I carried a courageous rock, and used the story of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz; you just needed to believe in something to believe in yourself. One day I met someone timid, shy, scared of life.

I realized I had learned my lesson and it was time to pass the rock to someone who needed it more than me. That person held the rock and spoke to a large group of people, she was so scared before; the rock had no special power except she beleived in it; she believed in what she could not before, that she had the ability and the courage to complete her task. She had the power.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power but its persistence.”

If you ever really watch me you will find to this day I carry a rock with me, with wealth written on it; you will see me holding it and talking to it when I need power. Early on I thought it meant just material gain, and then I realized one day what the rock’s meaning was truly about; it just took me some time.

It had numerous theories; it was for wealth of knowledge and learning. It was for the amazing wealth of family and friends. It was that at some point I realized the wealth of energy and abundance in my life. It meant so many options and let’s me believe in myself, I have wealth because I am recognizing all the amazingness around me.

Guess now that I have its true meaning, it is time to pass it on to someone else. I hope they realize it’s true superpower or maybe it is just in them.

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

Love always the rock carrying, someday, Humpty Dumpty, Woman in Process

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