Table Settings

The table is polished, the house is clean and the fridge is stocked. The aroma in the dining room of the steak and baked pears are an amazing combination.

Bif and Amy are alternating who’s turn it is on the boom box, I can’t help but to sing to each song. My graceful moves are all over the kitchen as I prep my meal for our evening. (Spook said I am far from graceful.)

Mr. Jones is quite busy right now and I have gotten over some busyness too and can take over the household. We seem to have a system for it, the only time it is more difficult is both of our chaotic season; his industry makes my industry crazy and hopping.

At that point we just aim to survive and one of us tries to cook by whomever gets home first. After deciding what the next few days of our meals will be, I continue setting the table and enjoying my home time, the nurturing feeling it provides to me.

Nothing is more pleasant than having a nice and relaxing environment that I call home; I am truly grateful for it, and the many, many years of memories.

Mr. Jones was standing in the back room, looking out the French doors, having his moment. He was missing the sight in the backyard of the dogs running and playing and still sees the children frolicking, giggling and creating adventures.

The yard is our sanctuary, a piece of heaven; one that as you walk along the path of flowers you remember each one of hundreds that were planted, why we chose them; the kids screaming from the worms, the dogs trying to herd the children as they ran and the laughter echoing into the house.

In the distance the faint sound of the ice cream truck, and the kids (okay it was me) yelling and running as a child down the street with them to get ice cream (unfortunately I found out I was lactose intolerant) but the ice cream truck, who can resist?

The trees have grown up and signify the changing of ages of all of us; the fence in need of retirement as it has lived and served for it’s lifetime at attention. I was not emotionally ready to let it go as there were too many changes last year for me and my mindset was not prepared. The fence was comfort to me, it was security not just for the home, but my world.

“The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.” Elizabeth Lawrence

I will honour my yard this year by taking it its beauty; inviting and enjoying the company of friends and family and discussing with my flowers, where do we go from here? I am sure they will have fabulous suggestions, as I listen to the rustling of the trees in from the west wind, the hoot of the owl, that has now made out neighbourhood his permanent home and feel the grass under my feet; its longevity.

I will prepare the deck for the hours of day dreaming, and watching the clouds create photographs for us. Work through the garden with my hands; scream at the worms, and then say thank you to them for doing a tremendous job; feed my squirrel who has made our home his home and watch the birds as they eat from the feeders, and dance in the baths.

Our home has brought us great joy and we are now reviewing the next phase of our life, we know life will take us on a journey and are ready for the next adventure, wherever that may be, but today I will continue dreaming of the rest of the snow melting, the growth of Spring and prepare for the march of the flowers.

“I like gardening- it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.” Alice Sebold

Love always the green thumbed, cloud watching, Woman in Process


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