Cold Nose, Warm Heart

The jet lag has me and I am feeling a bit like a wet mop with good hair. My energy levels are at a low waiting for the replenishment like the Mario Brothers games.

Would that not be awesome to be able to hit a button and have yourself to completely restored?

Each time you were ill or down, you would receive a warning and it would say hit the mushroom (Spook is laughing explaining to me, but I am referring to the game) and poof, you complete the next challenge and have completed the tasks.

Maybe in some ways we are the same, running from the daily tasks to complete, down the coffee or energy drink, get in a quick run and keep going; save the princess, or knight and find the treasure.

Last night when I was getting ready for bed, I saw the usual sight legs with bruises front and back. I show Mr. Jones and he said what did you run into?

That’s the thing I don’t remember; I never know, sometimes my body bruises when it hurts, if I sat in the same spot (flying, comes to mind) and sometimes it could be as light as a pen hitting my leg and I bruise; I am a klutz.

I am the winner of the prize from the end of my adventures; bruised and sore, I am recovering for the next one. I spend the morning floating, relaxing, meditating as I lay in a peppermint tub before I begin the day.

It is tranquil while the water is dripping in the background, silence all around. I focus on what I want my day to become; think of healing and look inside myself for the second wind to keep me upright for another day; aim to find the positive, a focus point and laughter.

My body besides being finicky, tricks me on a regular basis. After a busy time, my energy goes down, back up and I think; I got this, only to go down again. It’s a bit of a teaser or maybe just reminding me why I have to work so hard, to appreciate what I am given.

Covered in my new perfume today, it must be French; A535 I embark on the course of the yellow brick road in search of something along my travels. Right now I am not sure what I will find, but am sure it is worthwhile, I have a feeling it is, something is brewing.

As I leave the house I run into the door, and laugh this time, I think I will remember how the bruise has developed; well, we will see.

Throughout the day, my thoughts are distracted by a face; over and over. Someone has caught my eye and I cannot help but think about her.

She has beautiful brown hair, sandy coloured, with highlights and the most darling emotional eyes, they hold a story; very dark with so much expression; I think she may be the one.

I meet tomorrow, a new potential family member. I leave everything up to if it is meant to be. We will see if everything tomorrow will align for me to meet her and make sure we have the connection. I know it may sound odd, but I truly believe that our pets choose us.

“A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.”

Each of them have come into our lives for a reason, at a specific point, unfortunately each of them have as well, left us with more love to share than before. I feel the timing is right as I cannot escape her, and she is still ready to be adopted.

Inside I am squealing like a little girl, as if it was a TGIF night of all the shows we use to watch. My hands clapping, as it all comes together, butterflies in my stomach, and a feeling inside that seems to erupt like a volcano, one that has been missing for a bit.

So tonight I keep the rest of my thoughts to myself, till tomorrow, to see what destiny has in store for me. Now tonight I think I will go jump on my bed and pretend I am a kid again. I will see if dreams come true and a cold nose, pressed into my face is reality.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France

Love always, the hand clapping, keep praying, dog loving, Woman in Process





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