My Girl, Destiny

My nerves have gotten the best of me. I am scared, excited, curious and probably a hundred more emotions. The drive out seemed so long and I was thinking why couldn’t I just zap myself there.

The snow tried to derail me, but as we continued we found the drive was beautiful, just wet and the clouds were full, fluffy, and inviting.

After missing the turn and heading back we were finally at our destination. Nervous, we slid out of the vehicle and were welcomed by a woman I felt as if I knew. Kind hearted, dedicated to all the puppies, and the relaxed nature you could tell the temperament of the dogs would be very calm.

They were jumping a bit, excited, but still all so non chalant about people in their house. The mother was beautiful and caring of her pups, such a nice dog. She had turned up on their doorstop quite some time ago.

I look for the one that caught my eye, and as I am looking at her, they tell me she has such an expression, I have to remark, she is an old soul. They all agree.

Little pup, is cool, in charge, commanding and grounded. I know that may sound weird, but she was in control. I wondered if we would have the connection I felt from when I saw her and she had been in my thoughts. Others have come for her and were turned away.

The beautiful dark eyed girl, was in the crowd of them all, I picked her up and looked at her face. She had the story in it, and nothing had changed for me.

She played, snuggled up on the couch, was loving and then my sign happened. She chose me, she came and slept under my legs, she was safe.  She was home; that was what I needed, and I said yes, she is the one. At this point everyone else was saying the same thing. She was waiting for me, and I her.

The next few days will be of preparation of the house. Picking up items for her as most of my boys articles were donated after, for the rescued dogs; I knew they would have agreed to that.

Making sure all items are put away including all our shoes, so temptation is not there and making sure my cats get a nail trim so that no one suffers a preventable injury. Both kitties were smelling my clothes and seemed good with her smell, so I am a firm believer she is destiny.

Sunday cannot come soon enough, but I will take advantage of the next few days to get the chores completed. She has already brought a lot of emotion forward to me, and I know this is just the beginning. She may be my own therapy dog to help me get through it all; a new story unfolding.

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had.”

Love always, one excited, crying, tap dancing, Woman in Process


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