5am Call

My new alarm clock goes off at about five. She starts to get restless and I know it is time to take her outside. Two days, and she sleeps most of the night with one wake up, and is training amazingly, no accidents, I am amazed.

She snuggles into bed at night Scrappy Doo style and is a great cuddler. Yesterday, after a long day for her, time disappeared quickly, I  was grateful to come home with her and play, let my Johnny Bravo hair blow in the wind as we run down the sidewalk and abruptly stop.

She was awesome at work and made my office her second home, treats have to be rewarded for her behaviour and she is getting the hang of the commands, sit, shake, do your business; she is a champ.

I am so excited to be able to teach her and the feeling of a reward when she knows she has done it correctly is amazing; nothing is better than her tail wags and some cuddles.

Last night, I had to share some news with Mr. Jones and as I cried telling him, my heart heavy, my emotions at the surface, I immediately got up and went to my dog, who was sound asleep on her blanket.

I snuggled her, I cried into her fur, I received love and kisses and she went back to bed; I was better, I felt lighter, it changed the black to grey. The rest of the world vanishes when it comes to holding your furry friend in your heart; nothing else matters.

I know today will be challenging and I will focus on my time later with my pets to get me through, playtime with the dog and watching my cats try and be so cool around her.

The laughter is filling the house of the crazy things she does. We cannot help but crack up as her personality shines through.

From picking out her food pieces and putting the rest on the floor scattered; don’t bother trying to clean it up she starts pulling it all back out. She knows what she wants and we continue to work on boundaries for her, to help keep her safe.

The world is a simple place when you have a love of your dog. The canvas isn’t as black, you start trying to add more colour, similar to the life they seem to have given back to you; you’re painting a different scene.

I know we will have our challenges ahead but I believe we have a great partnership. I promised my boys in heaven I would look after her and sometimes I get choked up just because she is here. I still find it shocking, amazed and in awe.

As I head to bed to spend my quiet time, I am so grateful that somewhere, somehow, someone found a dog.

“You can always find hope in a dogs eyes.” Unknown

Love always the tired, snuggling, Woman in Process.

P.S that is a picture of my beautiful gal!



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