Crinkled Eyes

With crinkled eyes I get myself up, (and someone else) today feeling more positive and more rested. The pup has been sleeping well and I am working on a routine with her or she with me. We are learning to compromise at the wee hours (I  carry her out, she does her thing, and I carry her back to bed).

She is listening to commands well and receiving praise for all the good girl things she is doing. I find this time around with a pup I am relaxed; maybe it’s because we had children and dogs all at once, maybe it’s age or maybe it’s the stage of our lives; I see Mr. Jones the same way.

Like everyday life I am a believer in routines to help make the daily tasks work better and to be able to really focus and appreciate the other aspects of my life.

The large snowflakes are falling, like rain outside and the pup is mesmerized by it; catching it while it falls, burying her nose in all the accumulations. She is taking it all in for the first time. I need to focus on this beautiful appreciation, her first moments. Everything is a first again!

Today I leave her with Mr. Jones for the day as he is getting a break and I shall too then today while I have some meetings to attend; I will still be sad as I am getting use to a snuggle throughout the day when I need it.

The cats are getting more use to this larger than them pup and she is just so excited when she gets to see them. One has established a closer relationship (that means they are getting nose to nose, that’s it) and the old gal she is still a bit like what is that and have you seen the size of those paws! I have and those teeth, my dear granny!

The other day I send Mr.Jones a photo of my chewed speaker cord, he sends me back a photo of Jaws and asking me what time she is coming home to prepare the shark trap for.

Normally she listens pretty good but obiedience classes will still be an asset as I want her to be gentle but also a protector of us and home.

The week is a short one and I am truly grateful for that, it has been challenging, and very tough, but with my pup I seem to have come out of it better and not as stressed as normal; only one meltdown, that’s pretty good and a whole lot of puppy cuddles.

Today I would say, the colour has moved to brown, some grey and black hit me with challenges in the week but I just keep adding more colour to my palette to lighten it up. I’m now working on bringing more bright spring and summer colours to my life.

With the long weekend I am excited to get downstairs to paint and run, walk the dog if she is ready (we have made it a block so far, too many smells and sounds) and if not we will chase each other in the snow in the backyard.

My goal is to focus on me for the next few days, and try to change the blah that I have been feeling again to feelings of light. I require meditation, and time to just listen to nothing, I seem to get my best creativity then.

I am sure the answers of the largest universe questions will come to me at that moment, and should the feeling arise, I may find myself sleeping with the dog at nap time to help the process.

As I stand in the cold gazing upwards I am blessed to see a bright full moon looking down on me and remind myself how far I have come and how grateful I am to still be here. Now to keep it going.

Enjoy a long weekend with your loved ones furry and non; I wish you nothing but miraculous blessings.

“If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting.”

Love always a puppy loving, soul searching Woman in Process


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