Extra Chocolate Chips

The pup has really embraced life here, besides trying to chew everything in sight (we think she is auditioning for Stitch).

This morning we did our usual open one eye and head out, standing beneath the rich blue evening/morning sky covered in painted clouds with a glimmer of the moon peaking through. It is always some magnificent painting; the street quiet, the street lights giving me the only true light and the owl hooting in the background.

As I stand there breathing in the cool air, looking at the stars I feel different. I’m not sure what it is but I’m sure I will learn here shortly.

Pup was exhausted last night from her first walk at the park and I was working on sideways lunges.  It wasn’t my intention it just seemed to help the puppy crazies come out and tire her for the evening.

Back to bed we snuggle in and I think we will get twenty minutes before she has me up for breakfast, she gives me two hours and then comes up to cuddle, and tell me it’s time to get up and play; it’s time to start the day.

The sun is shining so bright, the windows opened, Mr. Jones heads to the store for some groceries for us and I head to my kitchen to bake.

I kind of shock myself as I have not been baking for so long and today I had some urge for my famous muffins and cookies.

After a chocolate cake prepped for dinner I think about when it was that I stopped baking, yet it is such a love of mine.

My dream was to have my own bakery; share the baking abilities I seemed to have received. My Grandma Laura always had wonderful cookies, breads and cakes prepared. I begin to cry as I think of how much I miss her everyday.

Pup is sitting in the window watching those pass by walking and her nose keeps going higher and higher sniffing the air.  I had turned Frank Sinatra on but she decided she wanted something older as she began to make sounds. She is an old soul so I change the music and she relaxes.

You can smell the combined aromas outside the house and I remember when I normally baked every week, all kinds of better for you items as with my daughter’s allergies I would improvise required ingredients in recipes, but there were always the chocolate chip cookies available, extra chocolate chips.

They would be gone in no time, little hands coming up for cookies and big hands needing his milk to go with them. Once the last cookie and crumb was gone and tummies were full, I would say ok well next Saturday I will make some more. The twenty year old dog cookie jar; the first item I bought for my apartment still houses them.

Somewhere with all the stresses and  feelings and nightmares I felt like they were taking over my life and I felt as if I was disappearing; my loves were disappearing too.

Today something triggered them to come back, and I see more all the time popping back into my life. Sometimes it is such a small item but I am blessed to see them again. I prefer the wonderful blessings and gifts, guess the other stuff just reminds me how lucky I am.

I think I may get a new Homesense can that says stuff in it and let it hold all that I choose not to anymore.

I begin to giggle and a memory takes me back. My then three year old daughter is making a chocolate cake with me; perfect timing I must use the facility. I tell her do not touch the mixer I will be right back.

I swear it was one minute and I come back and there she is covered in chocolate cake, my walls, ceiling and she is screaming, I laugh and laugh and laugh.

How could I not, the look on her face the sight of cake everywhere and after that we never had to worry about her touching things after I said not to; she understood.

To this day it seems the kitchen and baking memories are what I always find joy and comfort in.

So today I give you the most secretive technique I have for making my cookies. First they are not just chocolate chip, but some added oatmeal and coconut to make them lively and extra chocolate chips.

Next they are imperfect, don’t roll them into balls, let them be who they are, they will stretch out and be amazing and cook heavenly.

Lastly the biggest thing is do not overcook. Most people turn the timer on and let them just cook for ten minutes or more. I cook mine with less time; they just start to get a gold colour and pull them out to cool. They are soft, moist and everyone has to have more than one or three.

I hope my grandma would be proud of my baking skills; maybe it’s time to just start making things again for no reason.

Have a blessed Easter and remember life is too short, always lick the bowl and go for the extra chips.

Love always from the baking, bowl licking, Woman in Process

P.S yes those are my cookies and I am using a Christmas tray. It is the largest one I have to use for Easter.

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