Accumulating Time

I find my time some days getting away from me more because I have someone I am taking care of. The pup of course needs quite a bit of attention, or I should say my shoes do, as I am constantly taking them from her once she hits her puppy crazies!

She is energetic and shows so much life and zest. We were recently talking about how a dog understands the theory of time.

To them when they have not seen us for a specific time, they are excited no matter what and of course they do not understand how long it has been, it could be minutes or seconds.

I have been reading quite a bit again on how to be the mama of my dog but her leader; how can I get her attention when she does something wrong and how can I teach the basics? I have been fascinated by it all and have been testing the theories of some well written authors and thinking I get it.

The realism of it all though of course is puppies are a lot of work. It’s not necessarily the training but reminding myself how little they are and how fast they are physically changing. She could be hitting her teenage years in a matter of months.

If you think of a child their years of diapers, growth; I need a potty, a cookie, can I have an increase on my allowance and I need to borrow your car. For these sweet fur babies they are literally changing each second in front of our eyes.

I decided I didn’t want to miss anything with her and am making sure I take a photo every day to see the changes in one week, one month, three months; it’s like I am watching the Benjamin Button movie but growing older instead of younger. Her younger days will pass so quickly, in the blink of my eye.

I find myself protective as I understand how overly stimulated our world is. She is use to simplicity, with her brothers and sisters playing; her mum controlling what she doesn’t like and teaching them. My task is to do the same; keep things simple for her and me.

Somewhere we decided that life would be simpler with endless gadgets, technology and the accumulation of stuff, including dog toys. I feel more stressed, non creative and overwhelmed instead; now how to change this?

Over my time away, more like my breakdown; I identified numerous items that were not worth keeping and sold it or donated it all to those that could really benefit from it. I mean how many sets of sheets do we really need? What was the point of having so many of one item? Did I ever wear that?

I would like to say that I am not an over consumer but I do have quite the pile of stuff. Stuff I could leave behind and move on; there are only a few personal items that I would truly pack.

I ask myself the question after our neighbours fire and saw the most important thing to them; the ashes of their son and his wife.

So think about it, what would you pack if you had minutes, to grab the most treasured belongings? Something from a grandparent, a special book handed down or nothing?

I see again that once I rejoined the work force my life became more complicated; complicated in things I have to have or do for work, events I am required to attend and money that needs to be spend on the above.

So my task this week for myself is to review what I learned on my me time, of self exploration and how I can minimize things, as I do not want an increase in the household after I purged everything and feel accomplished.

I would rather accumulate more memories of events, hikes, laughter than anything else, I am looking forward to making those new memories.

Spook would love to say hello, she has been in hiding since the pup came home, as she became a chew toy recently. We are working on this behaviour.

“A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.” Gina Carey

Love always from the minimalist, purging, Woman in Process

P.S to the quote I am picturing myself saying come get some from the Duke Nukem game.



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