I Dunno

It’s another day, another dollar and after chatting with my bff, I am thinking are we all having the same week?

Everyone surprised, and looking at us a specific way, they all have the long weekend syndrome; too much turkey or stuffing, loss of focus and you are thinking am I talking to anyone.

It is hilarious, after the pile of paperwork I wanted to burn at work, just thinking about doing the taxes; I am rolling my eyes already and the one thing that kept me going was that puppy love.

She has been stressed some too, but think it is because she hurts a bit as she is growing so fast. Once my little girl who ended up with the nickname Smushy is full grown, she should be between 100-150 pounds. She will become a horse, my horse and I am sure she will take up more of the bed, thinking I may need a king.

I also think she had been feeling some of it from me. My shoulders creeping back up to my ears, my levels exploded and it was one long week; one I would not like to repeat.

So for the weekend I am determined to embrace looking for a butterfly with my dog, walking the trails and possibly seeing what else she would like to try for new adventures.

My beautiful 15.5 old boy, use to follow the butterflies, watching them, nose in air to them, being curious; it brings a tear to my eye and I believe an excellent adventure for my pup and I.

Tonight I am embracing my lazy side, with a movie, my husband, my chips and my dog. She is also thinking the same thing and is lights out already; see the photo above.

Mr. Jones and I celebrate our anniversary tomorrow; seems like yesterday we stood up and said our vows, but I believe both of us had less grey hair.

Today for our anniversary dinner we do what everyone does, have bacon and watch a Terminatior movie; I don’t need anything mushy as I find his comments are enough each day.

Tonight I will keep this exceptionally short and just remind you, “I’ll be back.”

“A strong marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Mignon McLaughlin

Love always the non thinking, Terminator loving, bacon eating, Woman in Process



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