Powering Off

The power is out, it’s black, the only sound in the distance is the clicking of the clock. It is peaceful. No humming, no sound, just the sound of time passing by.

I remember as a kid the power going out quite often. It was scary when I was by myself. I shook, I wished for it to come back on; now I relish in it. I like to hear nothing and wish at some point there was a button to shut it all down, only silence.

Take the moments and savour them, as the clock is telling me, I am another minute older, five, ten or an hour has just passed; I can surely see the difference in my pup more than me.

She is outgrowing the pudgy puppy stage, she is getting leaner, colours are changing, more alert, and I swear each time I look at her she looks different, more mature, her head is bigger.

In the distance you can hear the sirens begin, the sounds of someone’s night changing to bad and I sit here thinking and wondering about my own life.

I have started spending my time looking at every avenue; do I really need satellite? Do I need to have 3G on my iPad? When is it time to move to a cabin and be one with nature. My head is full.

Tomorrow, I take a summer Paddington Bear hat and head on an adventure, unfortunately my pup stays behind, but I have an adventure with my girl. I am so looking forward to it and getting to see her.

Mr. Jones has taken time off to stay with the pup and work with her. She is loving the time they are spending together and you can see the bond growing; plus she now knows where the treat drawer is. He is a sucker for that sad, wrinkled up face.

Homemade dog cookies are prepped for her along with some fun snacks and I told Mr. Jones don’t forget to take the photo of her every day! I don’t want to miss anything.

We plan on putting together all her photos of her growth, it will help me remember to see them; when my brain has a tendency of forgetting.

My nerves have got me a bit and I hear Spook dragging her suitcase down the hall. She is not being left behind and is wearing the biggest sunhat I have ever seen. Wonder if they will think that is her carry on?

She is ready to explore, spend some time with me and help me focus on some needs and thoughts that are brewing. Review where I am emotionally and where maybe I seem to have stopped seeing growth.

I believe at times that is also due to the busyness of life. Sometimes there is not enough time to focus and that is not good for me anymore. As the pup grows she needs less from me in some ways as we watch her independence, I still need her.

She loves the big bed and crawls in to just relax, so we are seeing the time where we can just hang there if needed and of course the park is always an option to watch the birds. She is in awe of them.

She is amazingly fast, yet those awkward movements at times and a tumble do take place. I would like to introduce her to my painting room, but for some reason I am picturing her popping all the tubes of paint open; that is its own painting for sure. I can’t help but giggle.

The airport is starting to get busier, headphones on, my colouring in my bag. I am prepped and starting to embrace my new realities. I got this, my daily motto.

As I teared up saying goodbye to my Smushy faced pup, I think of her chasing the leaves in the yard. So for her; don’t forget to look for adventures under each leaf and behind each tree. You never know where they will find you.

“Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice…some girls are made of adventure and wine and all things fine.” Unknown

Love always, a new adventure and moments to embrace, Woman in Process.







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