Its probably time to look back on the past few months and start seeing what I have written. I haven’t yet, I think two posts are all I read, cried and that was it. Sometimes it still puts a lump into my throat.

I know one of the items is to review where I am and what next? I just watch; people wandering around the great big airport and me in my own world; watching.

Curious to where they are all going, what is their adventure, is it fun or only work related? How many of them are coming back from getting married or leaving as I watch a lady carrying her wedding gown?

I see a little baby, she has her helmet on and I remember the ones that were painted as aviator hats, something beautiful for a time that is challenging for the families. The smiles and laughter you hear are grand.

I love to see everyone walking by; their style and fashion sense, the Sam Elliot moustaches, those that look like they can’t even drag the luggage on the floor because they packed too much.

I am impatient, waiting for my baby girl to arrive. Hurry up mama needs a hug! I know her, she will have grand plans of things to do and see in between her conference; my walking shoes are packed. I am looking forward to wandering the streets and just being; embracing.

Out first evening we went to a beautiful Italian restaurant. The food amazing and enjoyed our chit chat to catch up with each other. Our waiter, I am thinking how to describe him; my first comments were I adored him. He was a lovely older man and we spent some time chatting about life and relationships.

At first he did not realize monkey was my daughter but said he could see this close connection; we expressed how close we are. Little one and I, function amazing together, we laugh, we talk about anything and now with this burden on me, our discussions have evolved.

When the man spoke you could feel his kindness, and know it was not an act. In our conversing he remarks about someone he loves, and we chat destiny and signs. He looks at me and says you get it.

The worlds energy and frequency, is like dipping a toe in water to make a ripple, I believe we cross paths of those we need to meet. He was one, and after some thinking believe it was to jump start my process again on this trip.

I have never been to San Franscisco before, so am really excited to see what develops on this journey. The journey is not just the sites I see, but the feelings and emotions I have; learning to grow with them and reminding myself to shut off the work mode and this opportunity is for me time.

In the years to come, one of my goals is to always be able to travel with my girl and experience adventures, ones that when I am old, grey (Spook says that is now), that we laugh about the things we did and the things we saw; not to mention the incredible people we meet.

As we walk to the destination for her, I am watching all those that are struggling, mentally, financially and emotionally. Little one is watching me and knows me well, she says, “Mama, you can’t save them all.”

“I know, but if the powers tell me to help that specific person, there is a reason and I will, I have to.”

She knows my heart bursts when we travel on what we see; sometimes the emotions of seeing it all is too much but I keep working on embracing them.

As I sit here tearing up, I look at the fruit I have in the room and will ensure that I have it with me. You never know who you can share a piece of fruit with, meet and have a conversation with.

Here are to new adventures and heart sharing.

“Your job is not to judge, your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen,to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting.” Unknown

Love always the bursting, heart gets too big, listening, Woman in Process




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