Imagination Sensation

A group of students decked out in their plaid school uniforms have just reviewed the Disney museum; most are quite young.

They have chosen their picnic spot to enjoy their lunch on the bright green grass of a imaginative storyteller. Most recognizing Disney as the park or movies; to me he is more.

As a child growing up the Sunday night edition of Disney at six was the time of absolute mind blowing imaginations. The world was never the same, there were options, there was opportunity.

During my grandparents senior years they had the opportunity to go to the park and were amazed; this was a sign of creative freedom, potential for our new generations. He was paving the way of so many.

During our years, as farmers, there was no money for something as a trip on an airplane to see this place, so many spoke of.

It had the potential to stop you from reaching your destination; for me I kept dreaming and didn’t give up hope. I would make it one day.

Years had passed, friends had gone numerous times and I dreamed of seeing something so beautiful, something that let me be the kid that is so buried deep down inside.

I could hang my hat up on who I was and be free, be who ever I chose to be. Be the child inside me that needed to be released and be the dreamer and creative visionary of what path could be next.

I will never forget that magical moment in the gates, and as the senior gentleman told me of his first day there on the bus, when the park originally opened, he made it even more special for me. He made it a perfect moment. I still tear thinking of his emotion as he shared.

Before my adventure to this icon’s life, this morning, I had the opportunity to watch a session from the conference little one is at. He too, speaks of creative, emotional attachment and the creation of human need and bond; another visionary.

I enjoyed it greatly and am so proud of the avenue my daughter has chosen. She is one talented and gifted writer so I know she will be inspiring in her career but also a great humanitarian. She has a destiny.

The smell of honeysuckle and lilacs keep taking my breath away and I smile remembering the hedges that bloomed so well on the farm. When the wind would blow the correct way you could smell them in the house.

My adventures have been wonderful, from getting lost more than once, sharing conversation and a meal on a bench with two lovely ladies and taking in the beautiful sites.

I am quite grateful for the experiences so far. It has been memorable and eye opening in ways I cannot describe yet; the path is becoming clearer.

With the great Canadian farmer tan, I now have and the rest of my skin, an opulence white, I am thinking a beautiful walk down the sidewalks of this tranquil neighbourhood is perfect event after my Mickey sandwich.

I had to do Walt proud and shared some bread with my fellow stalkers, pictured above. I am disappointed I never brought my ears to wear but my Mickey Fedora was perfect anyways.

Now to another path and see where it winds to.

“Happiness is a state of mind, its just according to the way you look at things.” Walt Disney

Love always the Disney loving, pier walking, Woman in Process



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