Spring Rain

The rain just keeps coming down. It started last night and it feels cool, but the smell is breathtaking.

It is a combination of fresh cut grass and the smell of a greenhouse in the growing season; blooming foliage.

Everything around us is getting a well needed drink and we are enjoying the weather compared to the spring snow storms we seem to suffer from.

It is a warm feeling even with the cool drops falling from an overcast sky of grey. Umbrellas seen everywhere, this is something I am not use to; gumboots, raincoats and more.

Most times when it rains at home, you see the occasional person that has an umbrella, the rest make a run for the truck, and jump in thinking whew I made it, soaked and drenched to the bone; shaking.

I wonder are we too honky to use an umbrella? I have to laugh, thinking of my lovely family. Sometimes I think I am too honky. (Aka, northern country folk, also referred to as Redneck). I stand out in a city here.

Today’s adventures were to see what others were enjoying. The past few days of racking up the kilometres on my Fitbit, thinking I think I can over and over as I trudge up the hills of hell, with glutes screaming their own high pitched G6 opera; simple is a wonderful option for the day.

A saunter or swagger is the move I adopt, as I venture indoors to stay dry and let us admit the real reason; to check out the American style food court, wondering what some of these chains are and what I can try? Of course I would like to!

I watched couples with children playing games to keep them entertained and not bored. The lovely lady was playing Simon says wearing the same glasses my sister did in the 70’s, plastic, large, thick; they are making a comeback. I think of all her school pictures over the years.

I watch people with colourful bags in hand going from store to store, I have no idea what they are holding, but am giddy to find out; I just want to see it all.

I rode every escalator, in every store and took pictures from the top of the shopping mall as people looked on wondering why I was photographing it. Even this building had an old charm and character vibe that I do not see at home, it is unique.

I make a point to speak to a few individuals as I looked around and ran my errands. One of today’s items in my creation list I store in my head each day; was to remind people how beautiful they are.

I took advantage of the opportunity to compliment a few people on what they were wearing or their style; smiles lit up the room as if it was the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. You could see them feather out like a peacock, chest out, standing taller.

It made their day and mine. As I was hiking the streets umbrella in hand, smiling and receiving hellos and nods; I saw the most beautiful woman that I needed to compliment. Her smile was a beakon of hope of things I thought lost. She was a lighthouse at that moment.

Shocked that I complimented her, she looked even more beautiful than before. I am sure she will pass it on to someone as her day progresses.

It might seem random to some to compliment strangers, but feel that for each of us to help create more unity, caring and sharing; maybe a compliment is the starting spot.

Each beautiful person I met, I will remember their names and thanked them for their time, each one has a small spot in my heart, as I continue to stitch it back together from its patch worked version.

Today I ask you; did you compliment or say something wonderful to another person that lit up their heart? If not, I challenge you to do so.

Our love for each other with compassion and caring could make this world so much better.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Leo Buscaglia

Love always the complimenting, compassionate, honky, Woman in Process

P.S I received a pretty awesome compliment myself today. It made me feel beautiful, so thank you to the rocking lady with the tan wedges.




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