This is it, the adventure curving on the home run into the base. I am still contemplating and thinking about some new adventures we can take that are close to home with the pup. Let her explore more, as she looks as though her awkwardness is leaving her. (I think I found it!)

Items that may be more frugal but give us that feeling of running away from the city. Our city looks like a small town once you see the high rises, subways, trams and new ways to get around. Thinking in winter, our home may want to invest in sled dogs, guaranteed no one would miss work.

Spook had spent her holiday laying on beaches, taking walks and shopping. She had a bit more free time as we told her she was on her own for anything she wanted. I believe she also caught some evening shows and has a lovely tan. Her pointy hat was traded in for her sunhat and she is now in her regular attire.

Little one is reading her paper due at 9:30 am and I am working through logistics in my head to get her up and ready so I can have breakfast and coffee; always a feat, I laugh; fifteen more minutes she says.

I am ready suitcase packed, organized, and still waiting. I am now going to look for a coffee and see if there is a small adventure to partake in before we jump on our modernized version of teleporting.

As I venture to the coffee room, to sit and contemplate as I like to do, each morning, I have to laugh as the sun has returned today, no rain in the forecast and the fireplace is blazing. Regardless I choose to sit there.

It is comforting at any point as you listen to guests checking out, new ones arriving looking for assistance in the area and where they should go first, everyone is like little buzzing bumblebees; you can feel their energy, their excitement, their exhaustion.

I feel as though we are having our last meal and in some ways I am not looking forward to everything going home. I love my home, love Mr. Jones my challenge is will everything start again once back and gives me this sense of worry and stress.

I can feel the panic attacks taking over as the airport is packed with delayed flights and the most people I have seen. I begin to experience all the usual emotions from absolute panic, sweating, tearing up and trying to escape. No where to go if I want to get home.

I remind myself that faith is what I need, and will focus on the smallest item to help me remind myself life will be okay. Find the focus, redesign the future and make it wonderful.

Mr. Jones sends me more information on the economy and his line of work. I know he is stressed worrying about his future, and I too am. We have been working on a plan to make things beneficial regardless if he has a job or not, time to execute it and take some load off of us; it is time.

I picked up a yoga magazine at the store to release tight hips. As I am flipping through the magazine and working on stretches at the airport an article catches my eye. It is on navigating through tough emotions. I have to laugh as I read their opening statement.

Tapping into forgiveness, self compassion and dissolving walls around us. I think this will be the stretches I work on each day to see how they release those emotions. Can they somehow magically put them on the shelf or will they just be more embraced and easier to adapt to?

I am curious; as always my curiosity is where everything starts. When someone says they do not know or you can’t do that; my switch flips. Watch me, or I will find a way.

Today here is to finding the inner strength to hold myself together, the inner strength to not be angry over something I have no control with, the inner strength as I begin to relearn again.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” Buddha

Love always the stranded, stressed, yoga airport stretching, Woman in Process




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