I Dream a Little Dream

I wake up laughing at the contortionist of a dog I have. Too lazy to get to her feet to move around she moves her body inch by inch shimming until she is snuggled up to me.

I am calm today, and slept like a log. I even dreamed last night and that makes me so happy. It was beautiful, my two boys in heaven and my beautiful girl meeting each other so we could go on a trip together.

Of course the pup was trying to put her big massive paw on the boys, but they eventually worked out the logistics. We were one big happy family, and I’m still curious where I got the car to drive, it was a beauty.

I wonder if this was the approval from them that they thought she was a going to big a good dog. I know right now they are telling me they were the best, but I’m sure my Princess Mojo is tuning them in.

Now where to start on this glorious day, I ponder, taxes, a speech, more baking for the freezer. I think an outing is in order first; anything than tax paperwork as that just depresses me even more.

In a conversation a little while ago we were discussing how much I enjoyed cooking and baking. It brought back some happy memories of my life and everything truly does revolve around the time we converse and laugh while prepping a meal.

As I seemed to have on some productive pants and feeling pretty good, I took advantage of it. I was a researching machine for new recipes and away I went with my flour . My Kitchenaid was on fire, and every item turned out so tasty, sweet, and made with love and care.

Those that deal with MS will understand this the best; most times my kitchen is covered in items as I cook.

I cannot help it and cannot control the spastic movements that take over my arms and hands. I always crack up now as one day I just stopped crying. Oh well, is my choice of words now.

My freezer is slowly being refilled and I ask Mr. Jones why is it when we are so busy with work we take on more family items and challenges and once things slow right down, we finally return to what we really enjoy and spend our time on things we love.

We get caught up in the rat race but it seems to disengage us more. We miss out on the family dinners as everyone is running different directions, we miss out on the conversations; these are what we value. We seem to have a phone calendar so full we forget on some days to have our relax time, maybe we should have scheduled it in.

After some discussion, on things we truly love and appreciate. We have made our commitment to work on the betterment of us; this completed by being passionate to the things we seemed to have forgetten before. Cooking from scratch, playing board games, reading the classics, having coffee in our home with friends. Those were all great times.

As money was always an issue growing up, and for Mr. Jones he had even a harder life; we realized now how those circumstances did give us different tools; the ability to garden, cook from scratch, improvise in recipes and so much more.

Having less was a great opportunity to gain knowledge and learn from others. We also shared our items with others and really took care of what we had.

Mr. Jones mother was a great cook and a hard worker. She was truly his inspiration to follow in her footsteps. His mother passed a few years ago and I know how much his misses the short old gal. She was a riot and man could she cook.

Today I share my words of wisdom from my dog; “There is always time for a belly rub.”

Love always the spastic, cooking, Woman in Process

P.S don’t get over zealous on the addition of the flour.



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