Mr. Turvy

I was grateful for my session to day with my therapist. So much has been taking place and so many steps back have been taken due to circumstances.

My guidance and path is becoming dusted off again and I know I can make it if I don’t lose faith.

This evening, with all my fur babies in bed and one rattling the bed with major hiccups, we snuggle in to enjoy the words of Mary Poppins Comes Back.

Each fur baby hanging on every word as we read our story out loud and I include sound effects to make it dramatic, (they really like that part). As I am reading, I realize Mr. Turvy and I have a lot in common.

His world goes backwards from what he wants; when he tries to be happy he is sad, when he tries to repair items he messes them up. He has his challenges, he is upside down.

His predicament makes me smile but also relate to him as if it is my world. The catch is, he gets a new perspective from being on his head. He sees what others do not and today that was one of my lessons.

It may have come between tapping and tears but there was light through the darkness, perspective on my situation and hope. One of my fears is will I be like this forever? Will it be a few steps forward, then steps back and I am hiding in the shadows afraid of what life is throwing at me?

There is faith, there is resilience and there is that one thing that is better than determination and that is stubbornness.

Let’s call it creative stubbornness; one where we can find the answers in all that we do. From reading a childhood favourite, listening to a song, I am open to my intuition for guidance and know my celebration will be the sight of the laughing tea party on the ceiling in Mary’s book.

Tomorrow armed with my umbrella I will reclaim my destination with fury, imagination and kindness. May the gods grant me my solitude along the way to redefine myself and my path. May no one get in my way as I feel you cannot hold me back as it will be hazardous to others health.

We slept hard and fast, upon waking up, eureka! I have solutions to one of my issues from working through it in my sleep.  It must be because I had some clarity and my brain was finally able to focus on another task. I am pleased and hope and determination are the words to get this completed.

Our conversation yesterday, spoke again of the layers of ptsd. The creation of it over all the years, I realize you cannot undue 23 years in a year and will buckle my seatbelt for the ride; guess Spook and pup will be around for the long haul, I am hopeful.

My appreciation to those of you who work in the industry to assist us with our challenges. I am grateful for the impact that my therapist has on me to assist me with the stones being thrown. In no time I expect to be hitting them right back into space.

“If you cannot see a solution to your problem, stand on your head and see if the outlook changes.” Spooktacukar Witch

As always, love from the Einstein thinking,   looking for solitude, Woman in Process



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