Mouse Not Mickey

I talk about living and pain in so many of the posts, and today instead of an emotional roller coaster I thought I would share a silly story; truly embarrassing.

Snuggled into my bed, totally out, I am woken up with a desperate cry; an endless raaaar sound. Over and over the cat is desperately trying to wake me up in the room. I am cozy and not willing to wake up.

I immediately tell him to be quiet and get up here and then realize that may not be a good idea. The flashlight on the phone is clicked on and with no glasses I am squinting to see in the room on the floor. There laid out as a special present to me, a mouse. Proud he was, his raaaar of sheer look at me and look what I brought you mama!

I try my best to contain myself from squealing as I had heard to praise your mouser to not hurt their feelings. Mr. Jones wakes up, the cat has a friend with him I say and I need help. Groggily he heads to deal with the situation.

He bends down to pick it up with his rag and up the mouse runs. He jumps, I scream, holding the pup as I’m like nooooooo! He swears.

Loose in the room and a cat pinballing off every spot I am in a war zone and freaking. Mr. Jones tells me to go sleep in the chair in the living room till he deals with it, and off I go, not trying to get off my bed or touch the floor.  (The spare room was just taken apart that afternoon for us to install a new bed frame and complete some organizing.

After what seemed like forever I am exhausted; so tired I could cry and now I am in my mad phase. Mr. Jones please get me a broom for armour, I say, and up I go on the furniture as we flush him out. The cat goes catatonic, and just sits there,  I am satisfied; ok not really, that I may get some rest.

All night in my head I hear sounds, and realize it’s the dog making them. I am so tired and look like I have walked in from a battle zone.

At one point I hear the cat crying and the dog loses it, barks, tells him to shut up and then silence.

It is time to get up and the pup heads downstairs, I scream there laid out for Mr. Jones in his path to the facilities the cat’s gift. I hear him come running.

I heard all day from people you look tired? Do I? How do you tell that story? They assumed it was my MS, except I had to share the chuckle with a few close friends.

An old house and sometimes we have an adventure when the weather changes. I am grateful for my fur baby ready to do his duty and my other fur baby for protecting me as I snuggle up to her at night, so I can try and rest.

I am hoping tonight is uneventful and will be prepared. I ensured I bought my body armour on the way home; new broom and dustpan. In the words of Duke, “Come get some!”

I hope that put a smile on your face. As I write this on the deck laughing, enjoying my beer; the dog goes from digging the potatoes out that I had planted, to running around with a pink flamingo in her mouth. Maybe I should switch to a Chianti.

I decide it’s too chilly it is time to go in; the door is locked. I knock and knock and thank goodness I had my phone and call Mr. Jones. He claims he has accidentally locked me out in the backyard; as he laughs. Hmmm, I feel a prank coming on for pay back soon! Insert my minical laugh here!!

Dear Mr. Mouse

We would like to apologize for the untimely event that took place. I do regret it as we love all animals, I just prefer we respect our boundaries of my home. This is my job and I apologize.


Mr. Cat

Love always the mouse hunting, broom yielding, Woman in Process


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