Dance of the Butterfly

It is quite warm out, mid afternoon and the pup and I head for an adventure on our walk. I need to clear my head as I have been working on a talk for next week and that means crying since noon.

My head is thumping and I am trying to put together the past and the current in a positive note; so much has changed and where do I begin.

Pup is running up the hill with her tongue hanging out as she is acting as if she is already played out; she had been walking for maybe ten minutes. Her dramatics makes me laugh.

We get to the top of the hill around the bend and there is her bench; one she has stopped at only twice before and it is now tradition. She decides we are sitting down no matter what and enjoys watching others pass us by.

She is making me “be” my word from the beginning of the year. I find lately I am anxious, feel as if I am rushing, my be time is either limited or my energy blocked.  It could be the anxiety of next week catching up with me. I have put it off as I needed to process so much and review, plus I work better under pressure after everything has written itself in my head.

I feel winded, but also feel hopeful for my future. We continue to walk till she is getting tired (her pretending to drag herself till I pick her up briefly) and we are back at her resting place; top of the hill, the yellow field behind us and absolute silence. Three beautiful butterflies begin their dance around us; one in a blue, yellow and black and a bright orange.

Flittering from one area to another and dancing in front of her nose. We stand in awe both of us; just waiting. It was quiet and peaceful at that moment. It was surprising to me as she seems to want to bite everything so she knows what it is. She didn’t this time, she just watched, mesmerized.

Time passed slowly and then they decided to flutter away down the path below us to another adventure and we resumed back to our walk. Those absolute moments of awe, gratefulness and beauty are what I keep searching for. It feels as if everything stops for a moment and I feel balanced, and relieved.

This mornings trail walks did the same for me, the smells of the forest, the crunching of the leaves and the amazing tunes the crow was making. I appreciated each gift this morning, this weekend and found it to be energizing. Followed with some digging in the dirt gardening and grounding of my spirit.

I have faith that my flow and chakras are relaligned and I can continue my journey; maybe I won’t pack so much as I did this morning. Mr. Jones reminds me as I am swinging my backpack on, we are only going three kms as the dog cannot do any more.

I like to be prepared (insert the be prepared song from hoodwinked here). She may get hungry, I need a drink and you never know when you want to just sit down on your blanket and have a bite to eat. There is always time to stop for a moment, or two and just  “Be”.

“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly.” Unknown

Love always the fluttering butterfly, grounded, Woman in Process








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