Lounge Singer

A busy and hectic day physically, with a full schedule and yet time didn’t get away from me. It’s still early but after my last night of half sleeping and adjusting to the pup sleeping with an open door on her kennel as she didn’t want to snuggle in bed (I am so shocked too). I am working on getting the zoomies out of her, running  her around the yard, frisbee after frisbee.

She has played hard, tripped over those giant mitts of hers and on the pink flamingo and has clumsily run into the house furnishings all evening; she is definitely tired. It was her first visit to the puppy parlour today and was feeling pretty mighty after they shined her up; she was proud of herself and was enjoying showing it off to the team when I took her to work.

I am truly blessed, being able to take her to work each day and for her to experience so many people. As guests check in I do get asked if she is our guard dog; as she is laying sprawled out on the floor; nope, she is just here for loves, my loves not to mention the mauling she gets from the kids, the adults and even picked up by some of the guys to snuggle. Just because they are big, means nothing; they are all cupcakes and love pets.

She is restless, so over tired and too stimulated; it seems to be hard for her to settle down.  I begin to sing, not well mind you. I have a Beetles tune I have adapted to her and she seems to enjoy it; not to mention Kasarasara all adapted to the advice that a mama would give you.

I am trying to do my best to give her the lounge singer experience and only received a few bites while trying my renditions; not sure if those were a good job bite or mama stop.

She finally starts to relax and it gives me the opportunity for her puppy massage; some toe work, face massage, and down her back to her back to her tail with all her loose skin. Success! She is snoring in minutes, and is now taking up the whole end of the bed, sprawled out like a beached whale.

I wonder how many other people adapt songs to their pets? I can only imagine! We even had a small duet between her and the cat briefly; then he decided he was too cool for that and wasn’t part of the gang. He decided he preferred the laid back and causal atmosphere and snuggled up on the pillow to listen to the show.

The morning has brought some well needed rain and she stands in it looking up. Where is this coming from? Into the dirt, and under the trees she leaps as she continues her search till she is muddy and soaked, ready for the morning comforts of coffee and the time to dry off.

Today feels normal, and I am grateful for that. I was beginning to deal with chest pains again brought on by a high level of stress. I am working on eliminating it, so it does not cause me damage.

The morning of sitting in the comforts of my feathery bed with my coffee looking out the window to the greens ape of the yard, watching the rain drops, feels so cleansing. Kind of feels like the big guy is dropping all of the tears we have all been crying for a while; giving us a fresh start and new growth.

It feels as though it is a sign I was waiting for; one showing me that life is really beginning to grow, from the ashes can sprout new opportunities, new life, new dreams.

Today begins the next step of my journey or in my case maybe the little steps have been coming all alone and today is a milestone.  I guess I will see what takes place and where my yellow brick road takes me, my galoshes are on.


I wish you all a rainy, puddle jumping, lounge crooning kind of day, love the Woman in Process







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