I Love Myself Today

Bif!! I need to say thank you! This song has become my theme song to my life, and I need to remind myself, hey I love myself today! As we are rocking out to it prior to the event I am in the zone and prepping myself for an adventure like no other.

I feel like the heavy weight (no pun intended) champion, with their gloves knocking on each other, the look of intensity in their eyes, their goal in mind. Ready to fight with everything they have.

My emotions raw and invested into the air, people in shock, others in tears, and me, tissue in hand and I am letting it all go. Now ask me, do I remember it all, not really; feels as if it’s an illusion and I remember the breath at the end and the scotch on the beginning to calm my nerves.

My world was on complete display tonight and I am now feeling pretty good with that if it helps someone else; that is the ultimate goal.

After tonight’s talk, women were coming up in tears telling me thank you, I have given them permission to feel the way I do and that its okay they are dealing with this, I am in absolute shock. Women who I idolize and had no idea are dealing with the same thing, the hold on their throat, the paralyzingly fear.

Today we start a new revolution that it’s okay for us to be like this, we do not need perfectionism, we need to be ourselves however that is. Bring out the gifts and the qualities we like and that we feel great about. The catch is most of us have these qualities that are admired by others and we have no idea.

Lets get it started, compliment each other, put your heart on your sleeve, invest in your soul by sharing. We need to be there for each other.

Life has scarred each of us in ways that are imaginable, but we only know that by the sorrow, the despair and the happiness that we have experienced it’s yin and yang.

So tonight my two middle fingers are up and I am saying I love myself today! I will love myself tomorrow, bring it on!

To my self critic, I have some choice words for you and in my second breath, are the words watch me!

Tonight, no quotes love yourself today,love always the Woman in Process!😘


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