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Crust to Share

It is the usual morning routine for everyone (I think) wake up, snuggle the dog, try to coax her from the bed where she flops back out and looks at you with her big wrinkled face. Come on, time to get up.

I hear the sigh from her and off I walk. It only takes a few minutes and then she is finally ready to head outside, embrace the day and give me the usual morning bite.

It is time to prep and head to work, the pup harnesses up and has her toy bag ready, bring it on. Now why am I playing theme music in my head as she goes but you know how puppies are; gangly and clumsy. I picture the walk, and then the tumble, kind of like Miss Congeniality.

The day is steady for us and the dog is sweltering from the heat, thank goodness for the ac. She would prefer to be outside laying in the cool grass and she will do that a bit later as we try to minimize how much sun she gets and make sure she drinks her water.

The heat is quite unbearable, and in no time my face is flushed from a little walk outside to let her relieve herself. I can feel the changes already; the body overheating and the numbness and spasticness taking over from the overheating. It’s kind of like the radiator overheating, requiring time and coolant. I aim to give myself time, but know that today that is a challenge, my emotions high.

Upon Hearing the words of devastation taking place from others escaping with very little puts a lot of perspective on life itself. It takes me back to the fire across the street and watching our neighbors lose everything, every photo, piece of history but they still had each other, thank the Lord.

We have heard so much political banter from people, social media blowups, those that are insensitive and those that want to help. What really is amazing is the amount of people willing to pull up their sleeves, give their last dollars and try to aid someone in need; a hero.

I cannot be more proud of those people, these strangers, these friends. Seeing my own daughter, a student, working through how she can assist, and us at work finding ways to assist and donate.  Our service club stepping up as always in a time of need with large hearts.

Our land may be mass, our hearts are the same. To each emergency personnel who was staying with me that we watched to get in their vehicles to leave to their hometown; not to find their loved ones, but to go to work and help others that is a hero. They put their lives aside and help care for others.

Families, friends, strangers joining together for the same cause, that is a true gift. One that cannot be measured, or truly quantified; it is the soul of such goodness.

Seeing these acts, reassures me. It shows we can achieve peace, we can make a difference, we are not alone; together we prevail.

Blessings to all that are affected by the aging of our forests and natures cycle. May the angels keep you safe and provide you comfort during this devasting time. May those in areas still brewing, you are all in my prayers.

To those that have come together in so many ways, thank you for sharing your crust, you give us all faith.

Love always a very proud Albertan; the Woman in Process

P.S this past Wednesday singing our anthem at the club, something was definitely different and each voice was that much more stronger, united, always brings a tear to my eye.


Cows Around

The paved road twists and turns and we have no idea where it leads to. We are planning our hike on the trails, and realize we have not been out this way. Odd, as I have lived here for twenty five years.

Off we go excited to see where the road ends what will we find at the end of it? Enjoying the drive we find a delightful housing area in the midst of a farm. There are black cows, red cows, brown cows, I am so excited; insert my impression of a cow here, it really is not that good.

I tell Mr. Jones I am moving to this area, as I would love to live in the country but have a house close to the cows. I enjoy listening to them mooing, watch them saunter and just lay around. They are a very zen creature to me.

Years ago we met an exchange student and she stayed with us, she became family, surprising today is also her birthday. She is a magician behind a camera and one of the most amazing  works she took, is of cows, Finnish cows. It is my most favourite photograph and I always gush and talk of these beautiful creatures.

A great big nose, great for a tweaking, (squeezing the nose in play like a dog), nonchalant looking and friendly at times, aloof at others; reminds me of my cat. Each with their own personality.

I seem to love all animals, but snakes (I am scared of them) and I especially love baby goats, they are too adorable. As I am from a grain farm, we didn’t have cows, I am unfamiliar with all the work required to house them. So me living close by is good enough and the tasks of making sure they are well taken care of will still be on that farmer.

This was a highlight, I felt even more at ease, next we went to locate one of the many trail heads. We walked in and found our way and a map through our travels. Crunching old leaves under our runners, running up hills, walking in sand and posing at the destination. We also had to make numerous smelly stops to make sure what was out there.

The pup did awesome, she was so played out and I notice how much better she walks with me than Mr. Jones. We definitely have a different bond. Yet they play together better. It’s funny, it’s like children’s personalities to their parents.

It is quite interesting to see the dynamics. The other day when the pup was meeting another sweet little dog, the one owner was more relaxed but more aggressive with th dog and the dog was reflective. Once the male owner took her there was no issue and her whole attitude changed.

I begin to analyze our relationship with her more as they seem to imprint on one owner more distinctively. As I sit here writing this my cat is pawing at my sleeve to get snuggled in. He is such a suck and the adaptation in the house has been a bit challenging as he was already aloof.

It is a beautiful Sunday now and after another hike and run the pup has helped clean my room, making sure all the clothes tasted clean and is now passed out to recover from two days of adventures and trying frozen yogurt for the first time.

Our goal is to take her each evening for a run/walk, not only does it help her release her pent up puppyness but the release of what I carry inside, even to be able to take it off temporarily and be free for an hour or two helps greatly.

I trust that over time it will have a longer span between the breakdowns; I say this reassuring myself as this is a question I keep asking. Will one day I feel like I am not carrying the earth on me?

As I aim to not have many chores each day, and to be more lenient with myself, I am thinking of what my afternoon could exist from but I am more sitting and just being grateful for the past few days.

I feel my strength increasing and that is pleasing, as then I hope I have less ms issues. My body is being naturally stretched and the bones are all moving back into place. It may sound odd but my body and muscles are always so tight that once everything releases I sound like the Rice Krispie cereal, snap, crackle and pop.

My mood and my brain is feeling better. I do not feel as hopeless as I did the other day/days. I think the challenges of the doctor visit along with having to sit in a room of  people just takes it tole on me and I retreat even more.

So too my friends who may not see me as much, I am working on it, I just keep taking the time I need to be able to even attend a meeting. Some days one stop is too many, other days I can do two or three.

Today I retreat to growing life in my garden. So instead I take this advice:

“Everything is better with cows around….” Corb Lund

Love always the cow loving, trail walking, Woman in Process

P.S It’s a great song you should check out. All his music is wonderful!