Velveteen Dog

My hands run down her fur the soft velvet feeling between her skin and my hand, then down the corse fur on the centre of her back; colours of rich red, blonde and tan and the most beautiful copper colour; the colour of a bright shiny penny given to you by your grandparents.

She is snoozing again and I lay thinking about the day, how I would like it to be, how I would like to see me respond throughout the day and remind myself how I am holding the power to have that day. I am really focusing on my intentions at this time.

My daughter had mentioned how the pup’s fur was like velvet and my head immediately went to a childhood book, one I loved so much; the Velveteen Rabbit.

I remember it well, how I loved my stuffies so much and how I wanted them to become real but in my head they already were.


I remember how I had a picture with a piece of velvet on it. I would sit and pet that little piece of velvet, just thinking, just being, being calm, I loved it, it seems things have not changed that much.

I was called to the bookstore yesterday, it’s as though the megaphone in my head was turned up and off I go pursuing the aisles of books, touching them, and appreciating what they stand for.

I am on the digital bandwagon but that feeling you get from purchasing a new book, usually in hardcover for our library, the smell of the pages, the texture of the cover; it is its own high. You cannot wait to open it and see the words leap off the page and take you tumbling down Alice’s rabbit hole to another world of endless possibilities.

I settle in with a stack in my hands and see those around me talking on their phones in the store, I wanted to say shhhh, this is a sanctuary; a library, I am embracing the books calling my name.

I work to click off the outside sounds around me and get comfortable as I read the titles, my finger running from book to book until I see the one I am searching for or the one searching for me. As always I am in the self help and care area, and greet Robin on my way by.

I do not know why I chose a few but after the adventure and picking some up for Mr. Jones I head out with my two bags full, home for the evening, giddy with anticipation to share with him.

As I bring the books in, Mr, Jones is like wow! He comments that’s a lot of books, as he delicately opens the ones I purchased for him. I know what he likes after this many years. He says how much? I answer and question any to go back, he laughs and says books are the exception to every rule and his head is back down reading.

It is late and the week has caught up with me, I snuggle in for a snooze and first spend that moment opening my new book to read a few pages.

“Holy crap!” As I read and laugh, I’m thinking wow, this sounds like something  I say; this sounds as if I could have wrote it. I am intrigued more and continue reading till my eyes are droopy, the dog is snoring and settle in to the comforter from all the excitement.

I give my thanks above, as I am grateful for my eyesight still. I have been having some issues again with my one eye that likes to go blind, but the days I have sight I will ensure I continue to look at everything with detail and appreciation.

Tomorrow will be another day of adventures, learning and peace while I continue to hibernate and read until I need to do my duty for others and complete my volunteer work. I am excited for it and looking forward to the conversations.

In the meantime I still have some loves and pets to give this morning as I have the best thing ever, my velveteen dog.

“But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly except to people who don’t understand. Once you are real you can’t become unreal again.” Margery Williams

Love always the reading, dreaming, snuggling, Woman in Process

Today’s photo: I always think this picture she is giving herself a pep talk, who’s a good girl?

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