Blooming Flowers

The flowers are reaching to the sky with their petals as the rain washes down on them; running down the spine and dripping into the dirt, absorbing all it can.

Todays adventures provide me with a different look and an opportunity to serve and be grateful. I love seniors!

I love that I look at each of them and see a spark of what they were like in their younger years.  You can see the ones with a glimmer of mischievousness, the shy ones, their eyes so bright of everything they have experienced in their lifetime, their eyes have been a camera and holds so much emotion; both joy and sadness.

The knowledge and the wisdom they have; I’m sure when they get up and look in the mirror they see the same thing I do, a body growing older, and yet still thinking and seeing the younger version of us, as if we may be eighteen. I like to think I am smarter now.

The couples together for years, the husband still holding the chair out, opening the door, there is so much respect, something that I believe needs to be taught again.

They say that there truly is no common sense that it has to be something that must be learned. I think we need to start re-teaching life skills, cooking, writing, the opportunity to experience poetry, art and the theatre.

It was a very wonderful afternoon of tea. We had pulled all the wrapped stacks of precious tea cups, beautiful flowers on them all; ones that use to be housed in many others cupboards before they were donated.

The tea steeping, the conversation, the laughter all around and me wondering if there is anyone that is truly alone. I am looking for my someone of wisdom, someone that may want to play cards once in a while or do an activity together. I’m not sure how to go about asking who is looking for someone like me? I miss my grandmother very much and think this may help give me a little piece of me that is missing and feels alone.

This morning while pondering in my journal, it was a day of art therapy, as I coloured and sketched. I decided it has been a bit a while since I wrote my girl a letter. Yes, I still send snail mail. Not because she doesn’t know what is happening, but because for the fifteen minutes I write or longer, I am focusing on thinking about her and what I can share. I think about the laughs we have, I think about something so small that I know she would get a chuckle over. I take my time and really focus on my letters.

Nothing is better than getting mail that’s not junk mail or a bill. Someone took the time to write it, put their best penmanship on to paper and created. I am always grateful for the handwritten notes and this year I am aiming to do more of the things that bring me so much joy and passion.

The winds have picked up and it’s too strong to try and be outside or you may be blown in or out depending on the direction, like Mary Poppins; I just don’t feel the wind changing today and my umbrella is in the car, no air travelling there.

I decided on a new adventure today, a cooking adventure. I am happiest when I can create with food; so today I pulled out my Kitchenaid; Rosie and we went to work, measuring, spooning, and whipping together our first batch of Guinness cupcakes with Baileys icing.



As always I am covered in ingredients, the chocolate blowing up over my Minnie Mouse apron and I laugh as I embrace all that the cooking offers.

imageAt first I am saying please turn out and then remind myself this is how to learn, make mistakes and be in a safe environment. I missed one step in my directions but I don’t believe it mattered, as I think they turned out great.

The pup was enjoying the smells of the kitchen wafting through the air and in no time she fell asleep watching me bake. Now the true test is the end result which I am excited to have at 3:00 tea. The table is set, the linens laid out, the teapot heating.

I feel as if I am a child waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven and demolish them, every bite, but giddy because I made it, all by myself (and Pinterest).

I found a few recipes online and made a couple modifications to them and boom we have a winner! Next up milk chocolate Guinness ice cream in my new Kitchenaid ice cream maker. I am waiting but not patiently as I have stage one cooling.

Today was my kitchen therapy, it seems as though my worries disappear while I measure, stir and bake. I am looking forward to enjoying all of the items throughout the week; I may also need to ensure I complete a few runs to enjoy my meals and treats.

imageI wish you all a glorious Sunday of doing what you love.

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure, in cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” Julia Child

Love always the Guinness loving, you can add liquor to all cooking, Woman in Process

P.S did I mention there is always time for wine?






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