Wind in the Willows

The wind is bustling, the trees in my yard are coming down and my little forest is being uprooted by Mother Nature. She is angry today and not sure if it is from the turmoil of us humans that have her upset. I could definitely see it.

Signs are blowing down, umbrellas turning inside out and each of us trying to brave the cold and wind to get to our destinations.

With the return home I find trees on the power line broken and a pup who is not feeling well all day. What a time for her to be sick, when the weather is poor and she struggles with the rain to attend to her needs outside.

It is her first real time of not feeling great and I feel so bad for her, I also feel worried because I do not know what has caused her the issues. With that in mind I get home from meetings and tend to her needs. Someone that will help her, clean her up and make sure she is snuggled while she is dealing with it all.

She is grateful and licks my hand as a thank you. She is unconditional love, no questions asked, she is not just my dog.

The sun has come out to play and we have a lot of work to do now that the 90 kilometre  winds have ceased; trees are cut, raking completed, lawn mowed and in the centre of the yard a large green turtle pool filled and ready for pup to have her own pool party.

Excited to be feeling better, she runs, splashes and plays herself out and decides a cat nap in the sun on the lawn and deck are the best ways to enjoy the afternoon.

Hours of yard work for us passed by and no notice of time, no notice of the list of chores we still needed to complete; just being in the moment with the flowers and trees; getting dirty and then relaxing on a job well done, as always with a beer in hand, looking out

I contemplate the day and find, all my emotions seem balanced, nothing is screaming out loud above another, no inner fights taking place with Spook and my self critic. Everything is peace on earth.

The pup is laying in the mowed grass and I gravitate to her and pat her on the head. Then find myself laying out on my back, watching the clouds dance and creating hearts, it’s my sign of love from my boys. I am exactly where I need to be at this moment.

The pup lays her head down and I lay petting her, loving her, she is my best friend, my fur companion. She decides it’s time to play and I smile as I throw the blue tennis ball over and over and she runs for it, well more of a saunter and then jumps in the pool on her way by, to jump on me and hose me down; she must of thought I was too warm. I laugh hysterically and pick my big oaf up and get her in the pool as she splashes over and over soaking us both. It’s the perfect day.



I had to run early to the grocery store and at the checkout there is a magazine talking about how our pets can assist us with our stresses and bring us joy. I giggle, I’m good, I know how much joy she can bring; she is bringing a balance to the hurricane inside me.

She makes me laugh, she does make me angry at times but when that sad looking smushy face looks at you you can’t help but just forgive. Yes, you have chewed on two pairs of boots this week, guess that means there is time for some shoe shopping for me and mine must have been out of style.

Glad she is looking after my style as well. Even as I feel so lost on most days and that I am floundering, she has given me so much purpose. I thank destiny for bringing her into my life and I’m pretty sure she is happy.


Check out that lip! I am looking forward to a lifetime of slobbery kisses from my drooling, smushy faced dog.

Today I remind you to jump in the pool, splash like you are five, get dirty, work hard, enjoy the amazingness that seems to be all around us; kick the shoes off, open the sunroof, and let your hair blow back.


Love always the spikey haired, beating to her own drum, Woman in Process

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