Sunshine Naps

The eggs are in their perfect form, the yolks still in tact, the chicken bacon is sizzling beside it and I watch from the deck as Mr. Jones creates our morning breakfast on the barbecue. I am famished, so is the pup; after we finish our morning hike it is definitely time to eat.

We figured we would beat the rush of people getting up and hitting the trail. Four vehicles sit in the lot and we attach the pup to the hip leash. Slowly we walk, step back and correct her till she understands she cannot put tension on it.

This takes the first ten minutes and then she becomes a rockstar and walks in perfect form, no pulling, no dodging and is enjoying the adventure. We will ensure there is a reward at the end of our adventure.

Our trainer tells us to be wild and crazy; little does she know who she is talking to and I jaunt out into the taller grass, making turns and she is right at my side, not crossing my imaginary line then back onto the trail. We begin to increase our steps and I realize I have spent the first while focusing so much on the pavement and my shoes.

It is lovely pavement but I remind myself I’m missing out and to pick my head up. The trees are swaying, the breeze washes over us and we are all in our own element.

I am enjoying the forest to the right of me and the style of trees, thinking of all the hikes as a family we have made on our adventures.

The big horned sheep at the top of a perch, with one on guard as we pass the flock of them dining al fresco. The washed away hill that was so scary and once across we emerge our feet into the cold mountain water; sitting and listening.

These are just a couple of the grand adventures in this full encyclopedia set that is in my head. The most beautiful part is if I close my eyes, I have been grateful in receiving the ability to remember the details; as if I was there at this moment in time.

These are my anchors to help me weather the storms. My thoughts get away from me for a bit and then back to today’s hike. The dog’s tongue is hanging out (I love this) she is the ultimate hound, smushy faced, dog and it makes me just want to squeeze her face and kiss her wet nose.

I focus and we continue in the training, we pick up the pace, she is loving it and we increase to a small quicker pace just about a run in. The pup loves to run, but her mindset changes at that moment, instinct takes over and it is more like she is trying to bring down an antelope; you become the antelope. We will take small steps until she understands that we can just run into the wind.

Her nose is up, in full force, it’s interesting as you know, she is analyzing what’s ahead before you. We decide the big hill is the turn around point or one of us will be back packing the dog back. A brief drink, a relax and she is ready again to complete the same route back.

I find my mind has gone through its roller coaster from happiness, to a moment of sadness as the tears come down my cheeks and then back up again. The fact that I am allowing myself to just feel free and express my emotion as I need to is helping the healing process so much.

As always we end the walk with some time for her; training is done and we stand in the grass allowing her to just smell all the flowers and weeds for the next twenty minutes. She is in her happy place and Mr. Jones starts reciting Monty Python to me. I just laugh.

The pup has no idea we are making one more stop, into the truck we go, and she sacks out and takes a snooze, she is played out. I had read about Starbucks Puppuccino and I had to get one for her, a small reward for a job well done. She devoured her whipped cream and then kept looking at my coffee knowing there’s more she could have.



This day is just the beginning of another amazing gift and another lesson along the way. Some days have been so tough but find I am truly recognizing what is creating a better and stronger foundation for me; keeping me grounded.

I picked up my new beautiful pink pen, and on it is the quote “Live life in full bloom.” I had to doodle and colour the quote into my journal, it is so fitting. An inspiration emerged from my thoughts; I grabbed a card and began to write.

Thinking back I cannot remember the exact words I wrote and find when that takes place it is the real me writing; expressing emotion and thoughts the best way I know how; it feels as if I just become one with the writing and black out.

To those who have been assisting me in working through the darkness to the light I am very blessed to have you. I am learning to enjoy the journey, even if it has been a challenge.

Today I bought a tiny little daily calendar for the next eighteen months. My goal, is to write a month of adventures, cooking or the smallest chore of making my bed. I had thought maybe it would provide me with a bit of excitement or a small goal to keep me going each day.

I had pondered about the blog ideas and laugh as I function on pure emotion to write. I wish you a blessed Sunday of Sunshine Naps, I’m taking a lesson from the cute furry one up above.

imageLove always the what can we cook on the bbq, do I look like an antelope, Woman in Process

P.S. Thursday I was losing my mobility again and today I kicked butt. Look out world I will be running in no time.

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