Field of…

I have started on this blog a tiny bit at a time. I was just feeling off for the past while and am working on my mending; can’t  keep a good woman down.

The photo in the top, do you see a field of dandelions or a field of dreams and possibilities?

The house is hot, so hot; it’s as if we are living in our own personal sauna. The weather is gorgeous, the evenings not cool enough, but I know to appreciate this as the cooler days are around the corner.

I lay in my bed dreading the alarm song that will be telling me it is time to start the day and I just would just prefer to sit in the yard, watching the butterflies on the wind and the birds in the feeder and bath, partying as they enjoy the season.

I am looking forward to the time I can be at home full time, and just be. Be with my thoughts, cooking, reading; just taking it all in and finding new interests. I feel the days getting closer (that equates to still a few more years lol).

With some of the changes I see in my body, stress, my heart rate, I know changes are coming and feel I am adjusting day by day and when they are meant to be it will be not as hard of a transition.

I would like to take the lessons from the pup; the time to run around the yard crazy and jump from the deck, sleep in the sun and dance in the rain or the sprinkler, a very simple life yet so fulfilling.

I decided I needed to review the aspects of what a simple life means. Into the pages on the Internet and Pinterest I go, checking out websites, information and anything that may relate.

As I read all the articles, I begin to think back; days on the farm, nothing really to do (I was young so couldn’t lift much then), hanging or playing with my friends, listening to the same record over and over because that’s all we had.

Reading magazines, books and comics; I use to grab those from my brothers room; Archie and still snuggle up in bed with them. We would read the same book or comic endlessly and laugh at all the same parts.

There were not all the electronics, the phone line was shared with neighbours, (it was as if someone was always listening in so our conversations would get pretty weird till we heard the click) it really was a very simple time, thinking back it was comforting. I now question, a simple life is really just the same as my younger years? Loving the things now that maybe at one time you wished for so much more, expected more, realizing that what you had was truly enough.

As we age and start to see the importance of life we become less focused on the items or things that at one time we needed so desperately. We put more time into curling up with the an adventuresome book to expand our minds, and less time hanging out at the mall. Mind you the mall I hung out as a kid I believe had six stores maybe, a fast food place, (oh those onion rings) and the perfect little dispensary of malt ice cream in the centre (I’m just big boned now).

I see people beginning to barter more, others refurbishing what is out there for furniture and the clothing is coming back in style. I am so sorry I let some of it go before it came back in. People are more excited to own land, a farm, enjoying the lakes and cabins all around us. It is a wonderful thing to see. Now how do I get rid of my work phone?

I find I go shopping to only a few places that I seem to keep on my listing. I don’t really go out and buy clothes and shoes, I have lots. I seem to just keep picking up toys for the dog as she chews her way through the teething phase and treats she always says she needs those for her and the cats.

So my question to you is what do you see as a simple life? What tips do you have that make your life easier, more serene and more grateful? I am on quite the path as I explore more and am curious to hear what others think. I like taking all the information I find and dissecting it to figure out a new appreciation.

The time that maybe was not great for me, my younger years, has begun to bring out some fonder memories;  mostly of hanging out with my dad on the Sunday’s with him cooking and some crazy things I did with friends. Sunday was our day and one that I always looked forward to. The one I seem to be missing a lot, is walking down the trail in the field, listening to the trees rustling and feeling so small in such a big space. You could dance and sing so loud and no one would notice. It was also a tranquility space for the time I spent with my thoughts.

I see a road trip to the farm coming soon, am I feeling more like this as my parents are aging or starting to feel a loss to the connection? I will put those into more of my thoughts as I explore.

The pup is always enjoying the watering of the flowers. She gets right in and dances in the rain.

Love always the exploring, dissecting, Woman in Process


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