BFF- Soul Sisters

My shoes sit by the door. I am waiting always excitedly, as my Bff is on her way for an adventure day together. Both of us dealing with crap that keeps coming to us on paper plates, we would prefer them on silver trays; but that is not our lives, so oh well, but that will change when we win our lottery.

We figure a day of who knows, is just what we need. You never know what we will be up to, from the standard hanging, shopping to running a golf cart off of something or into something? Ummm alcohol may have been a factor in that event or every time we are in a golf cart alcohol is a factor. It just goes hand in hand.

We met just about ten years ago; both became part of a group to work on giving back in volunteer work. Both of us new to the group, afraid and then one by one we slowly met others and made connections and friends.

If you asked me back then before joining who my friends were, I didn’t really have any. I knew other moms from our children being friends but my friends had moved and some I had lost connections with as I worked and had my family to care for as they grew.

I laughed when she told me the first time she had seen the way I was at an event (that must have been crazy) and said I’m going to be friends with her; I had done the same thing (she seemed so together, so smart, so kind) and something said she will be my friend.

So many things in common, so much different, it’s a great balance, and always the sound of so much laughter. Just ask her of the time we are rocking out to head to a function and she looks over and I have a lighter lit singing away. We laughed for so long and couldn’t stop, tears rolling down our faces.

Thats why I love her so. We cry together, we pick each other up, I think she picks me up way more and we make everything fun; from building wreaths, baking, decorating, you name it. Time with her are moments I love, moments that I treasure.

The days I’m bad, no worries she still comes over and crawls into my bed and we watch movies and laugh. That key word keeps coming up; we laugh.

Life can be so serious all the time and laughing is the break we get of all the thoughts consuming our minds. For all of us, we get to the point where one day we don’t care what others think of us; we may get strange looks but once you hit that magical age you say, I get it!

I did that recently with others. Our twenties we were always caring what others think, the teens that was hell on hormones, (nothing else to say here) the thirties we needed to make a name for ourselves, respectful, compassionate, hard working and our forties how do you describe it?

You feel free-more than we ever have before. Lost in the forest in some ways with the constant changes, but free from giving a crap about things that don’t matter, don’t nourish our souls. The younger girls give us odd looks and I laugh, and think just wait, you will understand one day.

That day is when each woman has a new appreciation for the others, a new compassion, a new sense of herself, and her friendships become more whole.  As I write this we are hanging out in the pedicure chairs relaxing, reading and will head out with pretty toes for the next thing on our list.

We spend hours walking, wandering, talking to little shop owners and I realize how bad I do want to move to the next step in my life, time will tell my destiny though, if it’s meant to be.

I stand in front of where I think my next path  will go and begin to design it in my head. As we leave there is a man in a wheelchair and he asks for money for groceries. I always run by the feelings I get and my angels ask me to share at that moment; I have a small chat with the man and share.

As we walk there is electricity building as I meet people. A small white and green shop with bubble gum pink shelves is so adorable, it houses more of majestic and healing articles. I love the witch when I walk in and I am drawn to the rocks as always and pick one up.

My arm feels as if this huge surge of electric curtain runs up it and my hand feels as if it is vibrating. I pay for my rock, this shop owner and I have something in common, I am not sure what for sure but feel it. We chat for a while and I ask her name and introduce myself. Not sure what was happening but it feels as if our paths were meant to cross and will again in the future for something specific.

I look at what the rock means and laugh; it is reflection. It obviously was calling me to it; it must be my word for this year.  Over my coffee this morning, I sit and hold my pinkish coloured rock. I still feel the energy, the warmth, the vibration. I focus on finding more about it. If you know anything about it please share, I would be grateful.



Yesterday, every piece of my mind, soul and emotion were connected and functioning together, I became emotional over signs that I read and felt, I was different and then we had some laughing moments over déjà vu; we are connected.

It was the perfect day! Today I am tired, but a happy tired; thinking of what I should be doing and instead deciding what I will do for my slow and quiet adventure today. I think I may just use today to reflect on life, on meanings I see everywhere and see if something else decides to cross my path, if it’s a black cat I will howl with laughter.

As I was tearing up with many Winnie the Pooh quotes and my Bff is the same; here is one for her.


Gotta love Winnie!

As always I wish you a blessed Sunday, and today my angels and I are sharing hugs around the globe, so wherever you are, hugs from me and if you need more than one, no problem I have lots to share.

Love always the Winnie loving, rock searching, witchy, Woman in Process

P.S.I am the one on the left, my bff on the right.



2 thoughts on “BFF- Soul Sisters

  1. I believe the rock is red jasper or yellow jasper. The only reason I have an idea about that is because they had a Fossil and Gemstone exhibit at a craft show I recently attended. You’d but a big bag of sand and then “pan” in water for them. I still have their flyer sitting here and that’s what it looks like to me. Yellow Jasper is from Africa and was used for the earliest Stone Age tools and red jasper is from Mexico and was once said to prevent spider and snake bites. I’m no expert–just comparing your stone to my brochure.

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