Winds Of Change

I thought the day was normal, but far from it; time disappeared faster than a amaretto and coke with a straw, lots of ice. The day was gone and the feeling was one of change. I had remarked earlier in the day that it felt as if the world shifted. We were over the halfway mark of the year and I could not put my finger on to what was happening.

After my whipped together al dente pasta and chicken it was time to take the pup for a walk. We began our usual route so she could say hello to the fellow dogs she knew. As we rounded the first street, the trees blowing, the clouds rolling in, I could tell the pup felt the same thing I did, uneasy.

She was overly distracted, and kept jumping, it made me confused. As I tried to increase my speed and change the route up for her, she kept paying attention to the air, her nose was just a sniffing. At first I thought it was storm she was smelling but I am not so sure now.

She too has been overwhelmed my the sticky heat at night but definitely has been enjoying the blowing air conditioning at work each day. Tomorrow she has the morning at home (a partial day off to recoup) so I will set the fans up on her to help.

After we round the bend of the castle house a young man is walking home, the pup acts up. I pull her to the side and sit her down and ask what are you feeling that I am feeling, what are you smelling that I cannot smell?  Of course no response but sad eyes looking at me, we continue.

The street overgrown with trees and bushes that need pruning, I stop and look down the lane. I feel it here immensely. As I am staring down the lane I feel a déjà vu moment, the eeriness of the day, the lane, the evening and it is time to go home. It felt like fall far too soon. How many times have we walked those streets going door to door for Halloween? How many times have I walked the girl to a friend’s place? How many times have we walked her to school?

We walk home checking our surroundings, as I think back, before I left Mr. Jones said what area are you going and it you are not back by this time I am coming looking for you. He never says that. I had reminded him my gps is on so he can see our route on the computer. I did this year’s ago for safety when I was out walking or biking alone, it gave me a small bit of relief.

In the comfort of our home behind the double locked doors, the alarm system, I let my guard down and tell Mr. Jones something is off and into research I go. I determine where I should look and figure this will be the evening adventure. Is it something about the day, the year what am I feeling? What is she feeling?

I open my Facebook page to check something and there is it, sitting right in front of me; it is the full stagg moon and read it’s attributes. Thanks Wicca Teachings! I am always intrigued as the full moon has brought many weird and crazy things happening in my workplace as well.

I was quite excited about the extra income and I was definitely not off on the feelings and was very grateful to not receive the dreaded calls in the evening, but I’m sure in the morning there will be a few off things.

The excitement was too much for the pup and she needed a break. As you can see it wore her right out, her head was whipping everywhere, every sound had her she was also at the height of her emotions. It is interesting, some say the dog feeds off of your feelings and others say they pick up feelings and to trust their instincts.

imageI would have to agree a portion of both. When I am in disarray she does feel it, but her behaviour does not mirror mine. I have trusted all my dogs for years if they don’t care for someone I pay attention. If my parents had watched how the dog responded to people at the gas station, their generosity would not have been taken advantage of.

Each of those people, the dog did not care for and would growl and become hostile; Princess Mojo was a sweetheart all the rest of the time so I listened. I sometimes think she too was the push that connected Miss Sasha Rose, my new pup to me.

As the evening exploration took place a lot quicker than I expected, it gave me time to sit and think back, half a year is done. Wow! I reflect on all the transitions I have been going through, experiencing, the changes. Have I really changed or is it just I am more aware again and turning back into the original me, just modified? That is the real question.

I am curious what the next six months will bring but I have this feeling things are about to really change. I may have to see if it’s written in the stars. I like that, maybe it’s time to find a telescope again and adventure out to the quiet and see how the stars are dancing in the sky, I just need to be able to stay up that late.


As always, love from the I found my voodoo doll, witchy, star gazing, Woman in Process

P.S I mentioned previously about the wheelchairs; eight more just went out to find their homes. I started receiving photos back and their smiles make me so happy. That is what life is about, doing something for someone else.

P.S.S Mr. Jones bought me a voodoo doll when he worked in Louisiana, I’m fascinated.

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