Old School

I am still pretty old school, I love the back to school season each year, for new pencils, organizational items and paper. I am an ultimate nerd, nanoo nanoo. Yes the hand sign is up.


As I am running my hands over pens and notepads trying to decide which one I want, who’s kidding, I want them all! I decide I need to head to the post it note section. As I look around the lady asks me if she could assist. My answer: where do you have the cute post it notes? Aisle 2 is the response and off I go.

I round the aisle to the next and there at the end is the calendar for moms; a monthly, sticker, mark all the kids activities down, calendar. It makes me smile and makes me sad at the same time. My daughter has been moved going to school and it is going on three years already. I choke back a tear and hold the lump in my throat. I’m still adjusting.

Now she has her own calendars, stickers and organizes her own world, she is the ultimate organizer; not sure where she gets that from. Did I mention I also am a professional organizer by trade? The sight of a disaster to me is a challenge and one I cannot wait to beautify. I did some work on the side but there was not much work back then, I am starting to see a bit of change dependent on economy.

I love getting to pick up organizational tools, make labels, (I have the ultimate label maker) sort through items, it’s similar to a high for me and I become giddy to show the result. Mr. Jones has seen me organize the whole house and at the weirdest hours coming up with a plan on categorization. It is lovely. It helps when your memory goes kaput, as if you have been there enough times you body may just go there.

As we were out walking you can feel the crispness coming in the air; the leaves are already falling to begin the transition into the next season. It has always, made me think of buying new pencils, scribblers and erasers. I was always more excited to get that shopping done over the clothing and see what was popular. I loved my smelly markers and erasers and had a whole collection of them. Oh, and I had the smelly pencils too. This was before the sharpening ones, these were the lead in plastic holders. Yup, just aged myself.

Each day, I would line them up on my desk and choose which one I would help with my mistake. Sometimes I would make mistakes just so I could use them, this was challenging as I had to be perfect in my head. I always though, kept an untouched collection, these were just for smelling and not to share with the outside world. I didn’t want anyone to use up the smell.

A few years ago, (maybe a few more than that as I realize my daughter’s age) I was asked to clean the last of my items from the farm. In there were some kickass clips, book markers, and all the rest of my collection; into my daughters collection they went. As she too was showing sizes of the ultimate nerd, I’m waving at you right now, I indulged her and all my inner childhood within me.

The goodies she had were awesome, as time had progressed and many of those items she did not take with her, are now still with me and I am enjoying them, thinking oh I have to use that! Of course we can’t keep it all, there was so much, so we made sure we donated some, to put a smile on someone else’s face, besides life is about sharing.

Last night’s walk with the pup, had me remembering so many moments, running from the fence as the two Mr. Mugs came at it when we were out walking. (Those were grade one and two books for me). They were nice dogs, just protective of their yard, talking to parents we knew as we walked and grabbing buckets and picking the raspberries from the alley as they stretched the whole block. These were from our yards and snuck through to the other side, the dark side, and turned it into a game to get them picked without anyone seeing us.

Walking down the path we made sure to play with the leaves on the way. I think the funniest was our front yard had hardly any leaves one year and the girl had so many Halloween bags to fill. Our neighbor across the street lawn was covered, so off she goes, this tiny little girl as we are on the sidewalk and asks please can I have some of your leaves? He laughed and told her she could have them all. Tiny rake in hand and there she is filling all the ghosts and spiders for our front yard. It is one of my favourite photos.

With the new agenda to be organized, (I function better on paper than a computer for this part) I spent the evening glowing while putting in my info, stickers, transferring my budget over (now if I could just keep it correctly) and using my coloured pens to decorate as well.

Mr. Jones kept laughing at me as I kept grinning from ear to ear, he says these are the moments I remember how adorable you are when I am away. Awe, so sweet. Me a nerd and proud of it!


So today, I challenge you, organize your documents, buy yourself a new pencil or two and embrace the nerdiness within you. I believe we all have nerd in us. I found this photo from http://www.distractify.com and fell in love. For my fellow nerds.


As always love the nerdy, organizing, Woman in Process

P.S. Those awesome pencils are on etsy! I believe I need to order them, ship to Canada?

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