Creative Girl?

It feel like weeks since I wrote anything. I spent Saturday getting a reflexology treatment and have been adapting (that word again) to how I feel. The past few days I find my furnace in my body is cranked up, the steam keeps rolling from my ears and my mouth has Elvis’s mean lip curl. I am not myself, someone or something had taken over my body.

It is incredibly hot and sticky and where we live, you only get this weather for a short period of time. Each year I ask Mr. Jones, could we add air conditioning to the bedrooms? His response is the same, it’s only like this two days of the year and then it starts getting colder. I laugh as I hear him saying it in my head. I have stopped asking. One year I will just show up with a small one and install it and then he will be saying how nice it is and why didn’t we do it sooner.

Maybe not two days, but this stretch has been going on for a bit and I could use a little rain during the day to cool the house off. I took the pup last night for her walk and she was exhausted in the first few minutes and oh so hot. I grabbed a soaked cold towel for her and placed that on her body, while she lay in he fan.

By the wee hours in the night, we both (pup and I)  got up and went outside, it was too much. It was so cool and refreshing out, the sky was black and we could see the dancing stars up above the trees. She wandered around, did her thing and then finally decided it was time to come back in and snuggle in. Thank goodness, my eyes were closing outside and I was beginning to think I was going to be camping out there with her.

My version of camping is plugging in my blow up bed and adding a mattress topper for my back, a nice cocktail and someone feeding me grapes.

The reality version of the only time we took the girls all camping was clean up, feed them, run here, I’m hungry, I’m scared, it’s raining, cook again and clean up. It was beautiful out (pouring rain) but we did not get the time to appreciate it with some meditation or book reading; when the kids are 3, 6 and 9 they are truly at different stages and the tenting was too much for them.

I shouldn’t say it was the only time as Mr. Jones camped in the yard with them after and we did camp at the provincial park, but normally I enjoyed my bed. We found that I functioned better if I could have a bed, if not my mobility would suffer and I would struggle.

Seeing people drive by with their campers and motor homes, I would like to purchase a home on wheels. I could sleep when I need to and we could spend the weekends with the pup in the mountains, it’s such a short drive for us, two hours to the back side and another two to be in the heart of Jasper. It’s on our bucket listing of things for our future that we plan on buying and enjoying for many years.

We are not big on toys, Mr. Jones collection of toys are his books, football memorabilia and he loves the old army toys and tanks. I am a Mickey & Minnie girl so love anything with them on it. We spend our weekends currently prepping the house for the fall and winter so we do not have too much to do at once and are getting giddy for fall as it is our favourite season. Pumpkin everything!!! Mr. Jones eyes roll when I mention pumpkin.

I am online checking out all the things I want to craft with my own hands and found some darling pillows that I could create based off my moods. How perfect! The simplicity is again what keeps running through my thoughts, keep it simple to make life simple and keep returning to all the things that you loved so much.

It feels as if, another door to a new dimension has opened up, as I go back to the creative side of things. I pushed it so far away and then found I could not function properly, my body and mind were in disarray.

My emotions were out of whack, as so much came out in those meticulous tasks; the tears, concentration and love. I am giddy thinking of the endless possibilities and the kids will probably be wondering why did we get more pillows for Christmas? Surprise!

I have been researching products and finding items that I can use, as my right hand can only function for a small period of time. I am one hell of a typer, but writing and cutting are a little more difficult and I do want to aim to have fairly straight lines, not looking like I got in to the new Jim Beam Apple whiskey this fall. Yum! Oh I’m sure I will be though as well. Who needs apple cider, go for the whiskey!


I think one of the best creations of Pinterest was the ability for creative people to share and grow off each other. Everything we ever learn stems from a starting point and someone’s creation or mastermind. The endless choices of colours, fabrics and stickers, does make it difficult at times to choose but the creativity of those designing the fabric is inspirational.

Each of them putting their soul into that pattern, their heart. I think back to my grandmas, one creating custom curtains for clients and one creating for the crafting sales and wonder what they would have thought about having all these choices? Too many, or would they have loved the endless supply?

As the magic piano moving fairy did not take care of my piano, we need to remove the banister to get her into the living room this weekend. We have moved the dog kennel so the pup, (when she has her day off from work) can chat with her kitty sister and hang out in the big space; to enjoy the sights of the yard and are planning on moving my painting goodies up to the area. It is much nicer lighting, plus I could go out on the deck and be inspired by Mother Nature and create in her zone; the beauty of every season.

Today my creation is very simple, it is a fellowship golf tournament. I have not swung a club in quite some time but I’m focusing my goal today on enjoying the sunshine, my breathe and just being.  Simple things that I can do and hopefully move out of my slump. I know I will, as I will be wrapped in nature’s heart hugging embrace.


As always, find your creative side, love it, use it, love, the Woman in Process




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