Earth, Wind, Water & Fire

It is the usual day, the sun is shining, the routine is done and I am praying for some darn rain. I think I prayed too much! The dams open and I swear Noah and his arc were located on a bypass street, a block over from us.

It was incredible to see the storm rolling in, from the black clouds to the hail and then the downpour that Mother Nature endowed on us. The Gods were angry or were fighting amongst themselves.

The deep voices of the thunder to the shrieking of the lightening, I sat away from the window waiting for the worst to come. Mr. Jones in his glory watching the downpour and enjoying the show, restless, as he would like to be standing in the middle of the rain, taking it all in. The pup then decides she needs to visit the outdoors from the hurtling sounds she hears, great timing, girl!

I slowly venture out with her, and am nervous to leave the containment of my home. It all stems back to the lightening flying past my arm and blowing up my television when I was young. There is no fear with me still, as I am army crawling out and back in to the shelter, of the carport/garage.

She races around the yard, over and over, smelling, looking up and wondering what is happening, till something frightened her and she ran with all her might into the garage. Her ears were flapping and she looked like she finished the Kentucky Derby in first place. Her breathe heavy, soaking wet, and still puzzled by her exploration of the outdoors.

Inside to the home we go. I consider at times moving, but I love my old style cottage, bungalow, piece mealed home. It has history, that was shared to us by our original Up couple, who have both passed since, God rest their souls.

He had shared that our home was an original, to the army barracks and he remembers the day it was moved in, the beginning of the 50’s. He had lived here for a very long time. The house history we have been piecing together over time, from one original house piece that was located a few blocks away to the house having two more add ons, to be in three different stages.

During some renovations, as we determined it was finally time, and I would say have the money but sometimes those repairs hit you when you really don’t have it.  Surprise!

We have found some interesting items; from the walls using newspapers as insulation and pulling the dates off of those in the 40’s, to a person writing on the back of a cheque in the 60’s the measurements of their handy work and that piece going into the wall.

As the house was pieced together, there were numerous items that made us yell seriously! Our favourite was, as I was downstairs doing laundry and the tub was draining, I look over and oh no, I found a hole as it is pouring into the open crawl space, it was time to replace it. It was on my list coming up, but this moved the timetable forward.

Pulling that tub and finding a high pressure gas line with no regulator where your bum sits made us all go, WTF! I had to laugh! Of all the possible things, you would never have bought that. I’m thinking I could have been blow up, sitting naked. Oh my, that would have been a front page story I would not have liked to share.

A call to my gas company and they were laughing, thinking I was crazy and didn’t know what I was talking about. Surprise, they shook their heads in disbelief, bewildered. I say, that was our reaction too! As he is telling us it’s probably another $900 to move it and my lips are going numb trying to figure out where that is coming from the budget, he says let me see what we can do, it may be a wait but there is an old house program.

Heck yes we will wait, and use the closet shower (I fit fine in) downstairs, Mr. Jones certainly does not, but he is game, if it’s cheaper. The program covered the cost, it took us three months to do that side of the bathroom but, it was done and we could go on our way. I now can relax in a soaker tub and not think I am getting blown up today. I still laugh when I sit in it.

With that repaired and numerous other surprises, such as my nose working overtime. I can pull a smell out of the house and say I think…. and find it immediately. That nose saved our basement from burning up.

I was laying on the couch ill, not well and very weak, falling asleep. My nose started and I was up in a moment. I could smell something burning. Click the light on, we see nothing and I am standing in the area, my daughter had come in from me calling her.

Instantly, I see something, a tiny stream of smoke and I yell. She rushes upstairs to her dad and he hits the breakers off to the basement. No electricity at all left on and the electrician is called, he was arriving the next day. I caught it right before it would have burst into flames and left us standing in the drive way, homeless.

Mr. Jones, always listens to my nose now. If I say something, he is up now, as he has seen it in action over many items, but the electrical was the one that saved us. At work, those that really know me, listen to the nose!

So with the storm brewing and my laundry room wet, I see the water bubbling in through the cinder blocks, pooling in the house, and water coming into my kitchen from, we have no idea, I remind myself it’s all so fixable and I got this. Normally, I go into the mode of how am I going to….. not anymore. I look at it in a bigger picture and have faith. Faith it will work out, faith it will be okay and faith we will persevere.

The biggest is that I have faith in my home still protecting me. He may have some bumps and bruises, but we keep working with him and he seems to be in great shape, compared to some horror stories I hear of newer homes. He has provided years of relaxation, solitude, protection and support, especially while I was on my time away to focus on the PTSD.  He has a history that no one else will remember except for us and those before us, so I would like to finish out my days in my own home, for comfort.

Mr. Jones and I may end up being the Up couple one day on our street, telling the stories to the new couples, of their new to them homes and the people that lived here, that we called our neighbors.

So as bad as it may seem that day, it’s fixable and life will go on. To those who have had to deal with so much more, this week, I give you the strength I have, to hopefully give you that tiny bit more to keep going. Have faith dear friends and stay safe, stay dry.

As there was nothing I could do, I made us cookies and tea. I had some control over that and of course added more chocolate chips than normal, I needed some chocolate to sweeten the day.


The dog is barking incessantly, maybe Noah is here to pick us up. I should check to be sure.

Love always the water sucking, cookie making, Woman in Process.


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